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FWST: How much longer will the Gary Patterson show last at TCU?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. How much longer will the Gary Patterson show last at TCU?

    By Mac Engel


    There will never be another Bill Snyder, and the man’s “young apprentice” is neither quite as young, but he is now The Master.

    Horrendous Star Wars analogies aside, the retirement of Bill Snyder from Kansas State as head football coach leaves Gary Patterson as college football’s remaining Purple Wizard, not of the plains but the prairie.

    TCU’s Wizard is now the second-longest tenured football coach in America, second only to Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz. Ferentz was hired in 1999, and Gary followed him the next year at TCU.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article232662642.html#storylink=cpy
  2. Once again
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    Every year. Same song 21st verse.

    He just can't wait for Patterson to leave so that TCU he thinks will fall. But that's where the foundation with facilities and committment from the fan base comes in to make TCU a top job in the nation, which he doesn't want TCU to do either. Keep this snake away from TCU. This guy would love to bring down Patterson and TCU without a second thought if it meant his big national news story for his legacy...true or not. Again if TCU doesn't keep this guy away he will try something, just a matter of time. He has tried with everything already good or bad... every rumor or athlete arrest or even just positive growth of a program. This guy sucks. Keep him away.

    Understanding though he is trying to stir up the community, Patterson, haters of TCU before media day. Just dont appreciate all these negative type articles...it won't make me open the story nor buy the star telegram...even though I'm not the audience I believe his audience is the haters, the Baylor people, Texas Tech, UT, even A&M fans who he probably thinks is the majority in the DFW area and will press his links to laugh at TCU.
  4. This is the article you regurgitate when you’re completely devoid of ideas.
  5. How much longer will the Mac Engel trite show last at the FWST?

    Just mind numbingly bad. Really dug deep to come up with this original masterpiece.
  6. By the headline, the author is obvious so will not click.
  7. Mac can’t think of anything original

  8. Scale of 1-10..... how bad does Gary want to punch Mac in the face?
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  9. I’ll pretty much like anything that involves Nick Miller.
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  10. I doubt he even knows who Muck is

  11. See the thread I just created.
  12. Let me guess.....

    Top 3 people Gary wants to punch?
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  13. Gary' is only 59 years old and in the prime of his life. Kansas State's Bill Snyder coached until he was 79....

  14. Wow, another passive aggressive article. Give him credit. He leads the nation.
  15. Or when GP calls you out on twitter.
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  16. Mac reminds me of what Metformin does to my bowels.
  17. Headline that he recommended-

    I Want Gary Patterson To Retire
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  18. Nice Mad Men reference with the bottom pic. Great show. Weird ending. ...About this thread, Westsider nailed it
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  19. Best ending ever!
  20. [​IMG]

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