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FWST: Hello, Big 12 play: TCU baseball feeling good following win over UTA at Globe Life Park

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Mar 20, 2019.

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    Hello, Big 12 play: TCU baseball feeling good following win over UTA at Globe Life Park

    By Drew Davison

    ARLINGTON – TCU baseball is going into Big 12 play riding high.

    The Frogs are on a four-game winning streak after a 5-3 victory over UT-Arlington on Tuesday night at Globe Life Park.

    “I thought it was a really well played ballgame,” TCU coach Jim Schlossnagle said. “They had four errors, but I think for the most part UTA is much improved. I don’t think we’ve won a game like this. We haven’t won a real baseball game. We either lose or we win by a bunch.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sport...niversity/article228125754.html#storylink=cpy
  2. Gotta win at least two this weekend. Texas is a scrappy bunch that has been playing well but it’s a VERY mediocre lineup and and their pitching, while talented, lacks a front line guy and is relatively young/inexperienced. NL should buzz saw them Friday night if he’s on his game.
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  3. They won the Tech series in Austin. Being ranked it would be great to take at least two here.
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  4. “The formula you saw tonight on the mound is probably what we’re going to have to be, at least in the midweek games.”

    This isn't very encouraging given what it may mean for JJ. It's good to get those three guys 2-3 solid innings each before Perez, though. Hopefully they can keep that going.
  5. Tech isn’t as good as everyone thinks they are/should be.
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  6. Has there been an announcement about JJ? Are we saving him for some innings in weekend series or is it worse than that? I had hoped with that relentless live mic last night that something might have been said on-air that was assumed to be off-air. But it didn't happen.
  7. I just read Janzak is out for UT as is Brown. And Brown could be gone for the season.
  8. That uniform is awful.
    What are our school colors again?
  9. black and anthracite
  10. Hopefully shouldn't matter much if NL, Iceman and BW all go 5+ this weekend. I kinda like the Tuesday by committee approach so all could be available for an inning or three on the weekend.

    And while Brown is good...we are crazy deep in the lineup this season and with CS hitting the cover off the ball at 3B we can now DH Isola or ZH.
  11. Where did you read that? I'd hear the rumors about Brown possibly out for the season, but hadn't heard any sort of status at all on JJ. It's a little surprising since he seemed to have found some control in his last outing.
  12. I think we need at least 6 from each starter if we want to win 2 games. With Eiss in the rotation where are you going to find 12 innings from the bullpen that you trust every weekend. Honestly, Finding 9 innings I trust is difficult, but I think I can trust 6 of those 9 if we're happy with a series win instead of a sweep.
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  14. Schloss covered it last night on the pregame with Chuck.

    Brown is at least 3 - 4weeks and possibly the rest of the season.

    JJ seems to be out for more than just a week or so - he isn't even throwing a ball this week and working on healing and his release evidently.
  15. Would be hard to work on release without being able to throw imo.
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  16. depends on what you mean by release

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  17. He specifically said he was working on his release point and trying to get a different feel but would not be throwing any balls this week

    I am not a pitching coach so have no idea what is possible- but both Schlossnagle and Saarloos are experts so I will follow their lead
  18. Gil posted an article talking about a biomechanics guy JJ is seeing. I suspect that's where he's getting that work on release point.

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