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FWST: Ex-TCU QB Trevone Boykin was in the NFL 5 months ago. Now, he’s selling jewelry on Twitter

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 27, 2018.

  1. That's what I was thinking as well.
  2. Just a sad situation, he has no one to blame but himself. His playing career is over, I hope he rebounds and becomes a productive member of society, if he has not already done so.
  3. "NFL Stars" Trevone Boykin and Kolby Listenbee... yeesh

  4. Also doing strip club appearances with Kolby Listenbee...
  5. Wouldn't surprise me if Tre found himself in the news again for the wrong reasons after this.
  6. no brandon carter at the after party?
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  7. Looked up the address. Pretty sure that’s an “all nude, byob” strip club on north Collins.
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  8. HASMSP meetup?
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  9. Two most embarrassing things from that ad - those three guys are hosting an event at an all nude club in Euless, and they have the nerve to label themselves "NFL Stars".
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  10. Wonder if this finds its way into evidence in Listenbee’s lawsuit.
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  11. Reminded me that I used to have this t shirt

    The state pen has its own gift shop that is somewhat stocked from what the inmates make.
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  12. Jeez
  13. Heaven help us or should I say them?
  14. Summary judgement for TCU if plaintiff is calling himself an NFL star?
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  15. Just a reminder to the ladies to get there before 2am.
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  16. Probably a good target market for Boykin to try to sell some of his watches to
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  17. Probably a better market for the fakes lol
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  18. So basically par for Lil Flip's course...

    He did have some jams back in the day
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  19. "Invited guests" lol. Why stop at Mr. Pookie* and Big Tuck? Invite Slim Thug, 6ix9ine, Tupac, James Brown, and Pimp C.

    *as a white kid from Lake Highlands, I jammed the [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] out of Tha Rippla in middle school. #crook4life

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