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FWST: As TCU COVID cases hit 360, school says it will continue in-person classes — for now

Discussion in 'Hell's Half Acre' started by TopFrog, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. As TCU COVID cases hit 360, school says it will continue in-person classes — for now


    As the number of active coronavirus cases at TCU has jumped to more than 350 over the past week, the university has announced no plans to halt in-person classes but is trying to reassure concerned citizens of its dedication to mitigation efforts.

    There were only 55 active cases at the school one week ago, on Aug. 20, according to its coronavirus dashboard updated daily. That total went to 177 by Tuesday, and there was an increase of 80 cases on Wednesday that brought the total to 257. As of Thursday, there were 357 cases among students and three among employees.

    There have been 641 total cases since March, per the dashboard.

    Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/news/coronavirus/article245308385.html#storylink=cpy
  2. In before anybody says Corona isn't real or a problem.
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    it’s like writing an article saying 300 kids skipped class
  4. The students better get with the program or they are going to be sent back home. That alone would make me take notice.
  5. I would be cool if TCU did what UNC did with making school online until they get it under control, or at least make all the football team attend classes online. Much safer that way.
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  6. That is a good point/idea. Even if you don't plan to actually do it, threaten it.
  7. how many of them were tested, being at the end of their symptoms and infection, and are likely just needed a test or have been tested to now be over the virus?
  8. unless you are confining the football team to an area in which they and they alone are allowed doesn't really make that much difference if they go to class or do classes online

    at some point and time they will interact with the general population and chances are things will get passed regardless of precautions
  9. It's my understanding that the football team IS all attending classes on line.
  10. You teach kids man, and yet here you are on the internet spouting crap like people don't think Corona is real. Is there someone on here that actually thinks that??? I mean that's basically like the left wing version of being LVH. You couldn't possibly get it less than you do.
  11. Real close to a non story IMO. I applaud them for conveniently leaving out the part about zero hospitalizations.
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  12. wait, students are being exposed to an airborne virus?

    damn, who knew that type of things was even possible. i guess the only thing to do is make sure all students are kept in an airtight environment

    makes perfect sense doesn't it?
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  13. I'll teach you too:

    It's called hyperbole. I get most of you know it's real, but I'm making fun of the constant groupthink on here that it's not actually a problem and that Fauci is out to make us a socialist dictatorship.
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  14. Your crocodile tears are delicious
  15. You’re the reason public schools are failing.
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  16. you are giving him too much credit
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  17. He and others like him, more specifically.
  18. Sorry about your life situation if you feel the need to personally attack people you don’t even know. That’s alright though.
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  19. [​IMG]
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