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FWST: About 70 percent of TCU students are white. And the black ones? Most are athletes

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Truth don’t lie
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    I read that same article too and it made me very frustrated. This is the only country that writes that type of click bait crap. These riot inciting, sensational reporters need to move beyond race and identify more with being a Texan, or being from some great Texas city like Fort Worth or Houston, or Texas small town, or in our case all being colored purple for our college football team or whatever. I disdain these people when they use race baiting trying to create conflict when it is not needed. If one doctor was black and he cured a white patient, neither care about each other's race, all they care is that they beat the disease. I wish it would stop. I ask my wife would the local Dubai, UAE paper write an article saying Abu Dhabi is way too Muslim and way too rich compared to Dubai? No they wouldn't, because it is dumb and unnecessary and all it would be is a newspaper trying to PROFIT off of people reading that crap so they can show potential corporate advertisers how many clicks they got before they tell them their ad rate. That's the name of their game and it is sad.
  3. O
    The bigger question in my mind is how he would even know it’s not like we asked for any ethnic background information when you register as a member on this site. So he is saying that or even asking that question is one giant presumption on his part. Not surprising, considering the source
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  4. As he eats brunch at his all-white country club every Sunday...So tired of his hypocrisy on this subject.
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  5. General board
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  6. I wonder how many of the 3.9% are athletes at UT...

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  7. Where is the list predominantly black private colleges? How many of the HBCUs are private?
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  9. Why, athlete component involved?
  10. I wonder if this person read some of the less than gracious stuff posted by Southern’s people when they were invited to come on KFC to discuss the game ?Some very, what would be called racist comments if African Americans could be deemed such, responses to the friendly invitations.
  11. You also have students from different social backgrounds. Especially with the rising cost.

    On 1 side you have the top 1% families that can afford TCU and on the other you have students on full ride scholarships be it merit based or athletic based, that may not be able to afford TCU otherwise.
  12. THAT wouldn't fit his narrative
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  13. They suck no matter what thread its in
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  14. Never forget Grambling once had a white kicker.
  15. What a hit piece.

    As if these numbers are any different at SMU.
  16. Typical. TCU has and continued to make progress on diversity and inclusion. Why not write that angle, too?
  17. Because she is incredibly lazy and/or it did not occur to her. Some good news though is that it looks like she did not go to TCU and so appears to instead be the embarrassment of the University of Pennsylvania.

    Still, instead of recognizing her own laziness and apparent stupidity with this article, she has instead doubled down and shown further negative characteristics of being smug and tone deaf too:
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    I could be wrong, but it looks like this reporter is a crusading SJW who apparently did very shallow research to support a predetermined conclusion. Here's where this particular Startlegram reporter fundamentally screwed up in some pretty obvious ways:

    1. Instant-Snapshot Indictments Don't Need Historical Context
    She made much of the fact that TCU is currently 70% white and 30% minority, as if if those numbers alone, with no historical context, were an indictment of the university. But 25 years ago, TCU was 83% white and 17% minority. In other words, while TCU is still not where it needs to be diversity-wise, we have been pretty consistently moving in the right direction, and the pace of that change has accelerated considerably over the last decade. But of course, to know that, you'd have to do some actual research. This reporter did nothing but the most superficial investigation until she found the numbers she wanted to suit her narrative, and then she simply quit investigating.

    2. Diversity is Apparently Exclusively Black & White
    This reporter repeatedly trumpeted that TCU is only 5% black and 70% white, casting all racial diversity almost exclusively in terms of black and white. As if there were no other racial or ethnic minorities. She mentioned Hispanics in passing, but did not include them to any significant degree. Which is curious considering that Hispanics, not blacks, are the largest ethnic minority in the United States, in Texas, in Fort Worth, and at TCU. And TCU has experienced explosive growth in Hispanic enrollment. Twenty-five years ago, Hispanics accounted for only 4.8% of TCU students. Today they make up 13.1%. Again, not where we need to be, but quite a long way from where we once were.

    3. Few Pricey, Private Schools Have Broad Ethnic Diversity
    One of the most curious elements of this article was the inclusion of this chart comparing TCU's ethnic makeup to that of peer private universities:

    One wonders exactly what this chart is designed to prove. If it's supposed to show how TCU is ethnically out of step with its private university peers, mission failed. What it actually shows is that TCU's ethnic makeup is remarkably similar to that of its peers. And in fact, TCU has a higher Hispanic enrollment than any peer-school included in the comparison.

    Truth is, the overwhelming majority of pricey, private schools struggle with achieving broad diversity simply because of their cost, not racial exclusion. So what's the reporter's point here? It's perhaps a riddle without an answer. One thing is evident. This isn't incisive investigative reporting. It's just a sloppy, lazy, half-hearted attempt at mimicking real journalism.
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  19. Girlfriend of Froglaw and I were invited to attend the TCU Celebration of University Leadership last evening to support a TCU Senior whose parents could not attend. She was up for several leadership awards.

    If Ms. Sarah Smith had bothered to attend the ceremony using her press credentials, she would have witnessed the incredible spectrum of diversity that is TCU.

    One student started collecting the unserved food on campus to serve it to the the hungry in our community instead of being thrown away.

    Others included some of our athletes, students from China, Vietnam, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim.

    All were recognized for being leaders and not just students.

    TCU teaches its students to change the world. Truly.

    I'm sure Ms. Smith's article would have been different had she attended the ceremony last evening.

    Go Frogs!
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