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FWST: About 70 percent of TCU students are white. And the black ones? Most are athletes

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TopFrog, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Bob is now irritating the members of Imperial Grand Dragon.bgt.
  2. How many black people does the FWST employ?
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  3. [​IMG]
  4. Thanks

    Probably not many since there few employees even left over there
  5. We were so much more racist when I was in school, so much so we we elected an African American Homecoming queen in 72 or 73. With the percentages then, she had quite a mountain to climb.
  6. You work there?
  8. Baylor sux

    oh sorry wrong thread.
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  9. If a person or an organization wanted to take the positive approach of trying to improve our society instead of being negative, complaining, dividing, and using the current situation just at TCU to write a contrived, click bait article to make money for a for-profit media company owned and operated primarily by white males, the person or organization or business or foundation would donate money to TCU and tell TCU when they give them the donation to use the money to increase the number of Community Scholars TCU awards each year. For those of you who do not already know about the TCU Community Scholars program, here’s the link: https://communityscholars.tcu.edu/

    For an experience that will bring tears of joy to your eyes, go out on the internet and read and watch the videos and the interviews of how much getting one of these awards means to these hard-working kids and their families.
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  10. That’s one heck of a sentence!
  11. Years ago
    nope. I just follow the news and heard about layoffs, Gil Lebreton for example
  12. What is the racial make-up of the FWST employees? Would they disclose that?

    Should we encourage the day to arrive when we are more concerned about the value of the individual rather than making artificial assignments based on the color of their nose?
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  13. Rudolphist, IMO.
  14. Why does Bud Kennedy care how diverse KF is?
  15. Seriously. As if KF.c has any effect on where he is going to get his next 6,000 calorie meal.
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  16. You take your facts and get the hell out of here. There is no place for that on this site!
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  17. Cause he is crazier that an outhouse mouse. And so was his mom.
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  18. Good question
  19. Oh that’s wicked. Funny as hell but wicked.
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