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FWST: About 70 percent of TCU students are white. And the black ones? Most are athletes

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by TopFrog, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. The best universities in this country are also the most diverse. You can argue page after page about why or bring out Fox News v. MSNBC talking points, but that’s a fact. And as far as football goes, I think having more African American students on campus can only help in the recruiting of African American athletes.

    Also, seeing this thread made me instantly glad I blocked Bob.
  2. We're all purple.
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  3. I literally couldn’t care less. Admit the kids that earn the right to be admitted. Help the ones who need help financially to make it work. I’m fine with whatever the end result is.
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  4. The best universities in the country can make that happen with their $20-30 billion endowments.
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  5. I just don’t understand the need to write this article...
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  6. Click bait. What is the ethnic breakdown of the applicants into these same racial categories? I would be willing to bet we are admitting a higher percentage of minority applicants than white applicants.
  7. journalism 2018 - if it doesn’t fit the narrative ignore it.
  8. Really? Stanford undergrads are 6% African American and 16% Hispanic. Not too far from TCU.

    Harvard's last incoming class was only 11.6% Hispanic. They must hate Latino's up there...

    Yale is 7.6% Black/African American and 12.6% Hispanic/Latino. Again, not THAT far from TCU

    Rice is 6.5% Black/African American and 14% Hispanic/Latino

    Penn is 7.1% Black/African American, 9.8% Hispanic/Latino, and 11.6% Non-Resident Alien (not sure how that's an ethnicity or race, but whatever).

    MIT is 5.6% Black/African American, 15.1% Hispanic/Latino, and 10.7% non-resident Alien.
  9. What a lazy article? If you want to write this kind of article it is fine, but you should be putting in the time to actually look at the numbers over time. If they did, they would realize that TCU (percentage wise) is now accepting less white students than 20+ years ago (almost 10% less depending on the specific year) and black and hispanic numbers have risen with hispanics going from around 5% to now 13% and blacks have risen an additional point.

    If there was a serious journalistic question it would be why has the percentage of white students dropped by 10% from only 20+ years ago or that hispanic numbers have almost tripled? It took me all of about a minute to find information for ethnic breakdowns for the past years in the factbooks since 1980.

    My only hope is that Sarah is not a TCU graduate. Talk about a case of writing an article with the outcome already decided. Lazy, lazy, lazy

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  10. No it’s not. That’s an opinion.
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  11. For whom, the FWST?

  12. Agree, the ratios at TSU, Southern, et al are all way out of kilter...
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  13. As is the case in every other private school.

    When it fails to be, you get Texas State, UTSA, SHSU, UTA.

    As in most cases, you get what you pay for.

    Quality rarely comes cheaply...
  14. For. some reason, the Startlegram seems to enjoy writing articles that put down Fort Worth interests and institutions. We do not have a local paper that focuses on building up our town and our interests. One of the frequent posters on the Startlegram comment section seems to think it is because none of the administrative folk at the Startlegram have any connection with Fort Worth. They are simply promoted from other McCatchy (is that the word?) newspapers in Delaware and Colorado and Iowa. No local ownership or connection, so no real interest in building up Fort Worth. So, publishing an article that puts down TCU fits right into their agenda. And do they wonder why their subscriber numbers keeps going down?
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  15. My question is why does the Star-Telegram care? Why does any of this matter? I thought MLK said to judge on character, not race.

    Why doesn't the mainstream media ever whine about the lack of diversity in the NBA?
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  16. This is on point. Lazy. Report the stats of any private school in TX (or comparable out of state) in the article. The UT’s etc have to take the top 6% of a schools graduating class regardless of SAT, etc. mandating diversity. What % of remaining students are accepted? Academic standards and how much you’re willing to borrow will drive admissions/applications.

  17. I guess for the same reason they Wrote the article recently that downtown Fort Worth was too-white and for the same reason that one of the columnists once wrote me that he feared killer Frogs wasn’t diverse enough. I told him to stick to reviewing hamburgers and leave me alone .
  18. I remember when I was a freshman twenty years ago that Darron Turner said there were only about a dozen non-athlete, black male students. If we now have over 150, well, that's tremendous progress. The Star-Telegram continues circling the drain. Big surprise.
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  19. Sounds like a statestical (I spell how I want) break out of how 'Merica really is distributed by race, based on US Census Bureau data....

  20. Two pages in and no comment from Bob?
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