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FWST: About 70 percent of TCU students are white. And the black ones? Most are athletes

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by TopFrog, Apr 14, 2018.

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    About 70 percent of TCU students are white. And the black ones? Most are athletes


    Seventy percent of black undergraduate men at TCU are recruited athletes, a Star-Telegram analysis found, a statistic that raises questions as the school works to improve its on-campus diversity and atmosphere for minority students.

    The private university known for its football program has long struggled with diversity, to the point that the hashtag #beingaminorityatTCU trended in October 2016 and students shared a letter listing formal demands for improvement with the administration. A year and a half later, the administration has met some of the student demands, but minority student enrollment numbers show little progress.

    “I think part of it is that a lot of minorities that are athletically inclined, they’re going to come for a school that has a team and a coach you’re interested in,” TCU chancellor Victor Boschini said. He paused. “It would make me wonder, why can’t I have 70 percent in the general population?”
  2. Man, I would love to see this thread go to the GB right off the bat....
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  3. Someone should just go ahead and preemptively give a temporary vacation to the usual suspects.
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  4. TCU

    1. Get good grades in high school and score well on yout ACT or SAT

    2. Apply and get accepted

    3. Show up for your first class

    Same procedures for everyone.

    I agree with the author that a more cultural and diverse student population would be a positive accomplishment for TCU.

    How we get there will take effort and time.

    I know TCU encourages minority enrollment.

    I am not sure if writing an article pointing out the obvious is helpful.
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  5. Green is the color that matters most if you want to go to TCU.
  6. Proud to see we're known for our football program.
  7. I think it is great our athletics program gives young people a chance to go to a great private school and get a great education they otherwise would not have had the chance to get.
  8. Water is wet.

    In all fairness the headline does a disservice to TCU in regards to ethnic diversity overall. They have made zero headway on African Americans this is true. That said the Latin American population has doubled for the recent incoming class in the past 10 years. That is significant.
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  9. These numbers are not much different than other major universities.
  10. Meh. On what day was this survey taken? I'm sure the ratios are highly variable depending on how students are identifying their race, ethnicity, and gender each day.
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  11. Not much different than some. Plenty of universities are at 50% white or lower like Rice. Plenty are also around 70%. Given how much TCU costs and how low the non-fullride aid is I doubt we see better than 60% ever.
  12. Racist IMO.
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  13. I laughed out loud reading this at an airport..How embarrassing
  14. Rice does have a slightly higher percentage of African American and Hispanic students, but the main difference Rice is almost 30% Asian, while TCU is less than 3% Asian. For whatever reason TCU has always struggled to attract Asian students, more so than any other minority group.
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  15. I'll hang up and listen for Deep's thesis on the subject.
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  16. i agree. There is only so much you can do in a society that still is too racist.
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  17. This is a story, why? Because TCU is somehow culturally insensitive or that we are different somehow. Stats seem to indicate otherwise, at least as of this 2015 article.


    The Startlegram startles once again...Captain Obvious must be running the show there.

    I wonder how many people on this site today of any color, creed or culture could get into TCU today? I’m guessing not many...
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