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FWST: ‘I’m so sorry.’ TCU ex Kendric Davis headed to rival SMU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. We seem to have more transfer outs than most in MBB. What is going on? Growing pains with a new program and staff? Something of a deeper concern? A reflection of young players today?
  2. We know he didn’t leave because of attendance!! It is a puzzling decision ......
  3. Well he is transferring to a lesser conference and then has to sit a year. Pretty dumb move IMO.
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  4. Guys we were two over and Davis left. When Lat leaves we will be at the number we are supposed to be at. KD is a good player but I think he got recruited over and knew he wasn’t going to play many minutes.
  5. It’s a numbers thing.
  6. So what’s the hold up on Lat? He’s either gone or he’s not. Dixon gonna gold a paper rock scissor competition to figure it out?
  7. KD was a mutual decision. We knew he was leaving three weeks ago. So, why are people upset again? Him transferring isn’t new.
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  8. Don’t get the sense people are upset with him per se, but collectively as so many players have left, and the questions surrounding so many of them.
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  9. Y'all need to lay off KD.

    It was not his decision to leave TCU. Basketball is a very different world than football. Scholarship and roster spots are a season by season basis.

    We had 2 more scholarship players on the team than we had room for (now we have 1 more than we have room for). Someone was going to be forced out. Coaches felt they had acquired better talent than Kendric and told him there was no longer a spot for him on the team.

    You are absolutely kidding yourself if you think KD willingly chose to leave what he had at TCU to go sit out a year to play for a team in a much lesser conference.

    Best of luck to him. He was one of my favorite players last year. Loved his heart and effort.
  10. It's a reflection....
  11. I don't really buy this, and if true, the product on the court next year had better be a marked improvement than what we saw out of a freshman KD because he was tenacious and electric at times. IF we still have awful ball movement and high turnovers from that positions next year, then I would have some serious talent evaluation questions for the staff.
  12. SMU ??......Et tu, Brute
  13. well at least we will know how to defend him when he is in game...
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  14. Got ya. Perfect storm imo. We didn’t see this movement in Dixon’s first two seasons. I think now with the transfer portal we should expect one-two transfers every season.
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  15. I'm sure they are awaiting your analysis with the upmost impatience
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  16. Sure, that’s reasonable...but we’re up to what, 5 in the last calendar year? With at least 1 more on the way. There’s something to be said for roster continuity. ‘12 Kentucky is really the only team slapped together in 1 offseason to win it all. And we’re not getting an Anthony Davis anytime soon.

    To be clear, I’m not expecting a natty...just pointing out that even teams loaded with NBA talent run into problems when they go through heavy roster turnover every offseason.
  17. Let me start by saying that I loved watching Davis play. I always thought he played hard was very scrappy. However, I also saw that he showed a lot of negative attitude at times when he was taken out of the game. My information is that he did not have a good chemistry with the players on this team and was resentful toward the new guys coming in. Especially regarding the addition of the grad transfer point guard. All of this combined with borderline grades that
    I agree that this was probably not his decision. I also enjoyed watching him play last year and that he always hustled and was very, very scrappy. However, I also saw that he showed a lot of negative attitude at times when he came out of a game. Perhaps that was just part of his character and that he plays with a chip on his shoulder. Could be that he was resentful that other guards were recruited and especially the grad transfer point guard. That attitude along with borderline academic issues may have led to him being a liability that the staff was not willing to gamble on any longer. But, hopefully he uses the summer to get his grades back in order and he has a successful career down the road. In the meantime, I trust our coaching staff to make decision that are best for this team and it's future success.
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    Always insightful and quick to give the administration and coaching staff's POV. Thanks

  19. Someone posted stats recently in one of these threads about the number of players currently in the xfer portal relative to the number of teams in D1. I believe the ratio was between 3:1 and 4:1 players per team. And that didn't account for players that had already transferred. Yes, we're greater than the mean, but we're not so far outside the mean that it should raise flags. This is likely to be the new normal for all of college basketball as unfortunate as that is. I bet we see 2-3 transfers per season on average moving forward. I think this is mostly just the initial overreaction to the transfer portal and some locker room maintenance for CJD. We'll see in the fall whether it's roster/talent upgrades, but I'm sure that has something to do with it too at a couple positions.
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