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FW Star-Telegram Owner Declares Bankruptcy

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by lowfrog, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. We have reached a point where news good or bad is delivered with such velocity that it makes no since to utilize a paper delivery method. Local newspapers need to go pure digital and concentrate exclusively on high quality localized content. I think many would pay for well informed and well written FW specific content. It takes big money to be all things to all people and it’s an endeavor that will always be eroded by poor quality control.
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  2. Sad to see the demise of the Star Telegram. Back in the dark ages I was a carrier for the Press and later the Star Telegram with both morning and evening editions as well as the Sunday paper. I subscribed to the Star Telegram Sunday edition by mail when I was in Vietnam so I could keep up with TCU sports and some local news. As most of you know, the Press back in the '50s had real sports writers such as Dan Jenkins. Now, I get the DMN and the Wall St Journal. The outlying towns in the DFW area are really dependent on the DMN for any local news, etc.
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  3. That last sentence sounds like the local paper.
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  4. There is a TCU story almost daily in the star-t. That would not happen with the DMN in charge. Let’s be real here and not cloud the issue. The dmn barely covers the Frogs now.
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  5. I've been an active member of the media since I was 15 (and not as a Star Telegram delivery boy).

    Old media has a lot to learn, but new media has a lot of growing up to do. Neither seems interested.

    Until that changes, we're stuck with the status quo.

    Go Frogs!
  6. kinda saying the same things I think. Simply telling me about the game last night in terms of stats and scores I’ll get from twitter. Telling me about the work the pitcher put in during the offseason to rebuild his curve w the help of a former HOF pitcher would be something a journalist assigned to the team would provide. (Although depending upon the topic my twitter feed is full of REALLY in depth threads that typically go WAY deeper than print media from the 80s, which is as far back as I’ll go as an active consumer of print media)
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  7. Shocked that this thread went 10+ posts without mentioning the one reason the ST should fail.
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  8. Liked for not saying "mute"

    Plus, I agree with the post.
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  9. Put myself through TCU as a Star-Telegram delivery boy!
  10. Can’t help but believe there is an untapped market here for a high quality, intensely FW-centric rag. Nothing fancy, just start as a six pager. If we got solid unbiased reporting on our local govt, courts, sports, entertainment, human interest etc. broken down in depth by neighborhoods I’d subscribe and read it every day. If nothing else I miss it with morning coffee. I think the ad revenue potential in a growing community like ours is decent.
  11. Absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!

    I was simply pointing that my credentials were not based on THAT aspect of media.

    Go Frogs!
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  12. Somebody is trying a news reporting vehicle like that, based in Fort Worth: https://thetexan.news/

    There is a hunger for actual news out there, and the Usual Sources have long since abandoned coverage of State and Local stories in favor of AP wires and other distantly produced content. Of course, I couldn't imagine siting through the monstrous boredom of a Commissioner's Court hearing so I'm glad somebody else is willing to do so...
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  13. This morning's paper had no story about Saturday's TCU baseball or basketball game. What time is their cutoff, noon?
  14. I noticed that immediately. Basketball game ended about 6 PM. Too early for the next day's edition? What's going on?
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  15. The story about Friday's baseball game reported that TCU would play Kentucky Saturday....The story was in print today....FWST rolls off the presses around midnight, I suspect....With digital filing, reporters might have a final deadline about 9 p.m.....Writers for print are going to have to learn to write about the future and largely ignore the past, regretably.....
  16. Being silent about the item made it a moot point....JK, you know....
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  18. They used to offer so many free articles online a month. Now it looks like they’ve changed that the last 2 months. There’s no way to get unbiased stories now. Very disappointing that Gils startup didn’t work.
  19. Most of you guys don't remember the Fort Worth Press.
    The best part of that is it really was " The Fort Worth Press".
    That paper once sent 5 sports reporters to cover a TCU football game in College Station.
    Yes, the famous "Hurricane Game" between # 4 Frogs and # 8 Ags stolen by refs.
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  20. ST Files Bankruptcy and Pier 1 follows today..That's a tough hit for FWth
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