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FW Business Press: TCU scores high in 'Most Beautiful Campus' ranking

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Jul 10, 2019.

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    FW Business Press: TCU scores high in 'Most Beautiful Campus' ranking

    Purple is beautiful

    Texas Christian University is No. 16. No, not in the football rankings. TCU is no. 16 on the Princeton Review’s list of Most Beautiful Campuses. The ranking is based on what students attending the schools in Princeton Review’s Best Colleges book.

    TCU, which has been remaking the campus over the past decade and is currently rebuilding the Worth Hills area of the campus, ranks just below Atlanta’s Emory University and just above Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia.

    The most beautiful campus in the rankings is Bucknell University, in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

    Read more at http://www.fortworthbusiness.com/ne...cle_c301f2ee-a285-11e9-b2e8-2fd6fbb605cb.html
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  2. It’s a far cry from the early 70s when it seemed TCU embraced the dry and dusty, no landscaping look when Mondo Mickey tossed a paper airplane that was on fire out of the third floor of the Milton Hilton and set the grass on fire...
  3. Would have been really cool if it were Mungo Jerry.
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  4. Despite all the construction, walking through campus is like walking through a botanical garden. Everything from the football stadium to the library is well landscaped, clean, and attractive. Who wouldn't want to go to school here?
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  5. The parents footing the bill?
  6. Mungo didn’t have the grades to get I’m...
  7. IN!
  8. One thing I always noticed about the campus is that the sandy color of the buildings meant that the grass had to be green in order for the campus to look good. With brown grass, there is too little color contrast.

    It is hard to overstate the transformation of central campus. The old Brown Lupton Student Center was U-G-L-Y and the parking lot between Milton Daniel and Colby Hall was...not good.
  9. The new look campus is magnificent, and it makes me exceedingly proud to be able to claim TCU as my alma mater.

    Go Frogs!
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  10. For a true change of pace: TCU has one of the largest student populations on the list. University of Vermont is the only one with a greater enrollment.
  11. I noticed that too. On this list we are one of the 'big" schools.
  12. It looked fine to us in the 60's. Brown Lupton was added on to during the 60's and was comparatively nice. In 40 years young TCU people will be marveling about how crude the campus was back in 2019. I visited a friend in the late 60's at Baylor...the student center was not even air conditioned! Their campus made TCU look really good.

    Another reason for the dry conditions back when is they only watered by heavy hoses and big impulse sprinklers.
  13. Baylor is a butt ugly campus in a butt ugly town hence the logo BU.
  14. To be fair to Baylor (not that I think they deserve it, sometimes), I graduated from Pachal in ‘66, and it wasn’t air conditioned, either.

    Go Frogs!
  15. ... and the extremely unfair natural advantage of being in Burlington, VT. Place is spectacular.
  16. rice is on list so i have to question some of the choices.

    also question not including the university of washington in seattle
  17. Strongly disagree with your Rice example. If you simply dislike Houston itself then fair; however, the architecture and landscaping at Rice is pretty spectacular, especially all of the old oaks everywhere. Obviously the football stadium is very tired. Reckling Park with the medical center backdrop is a pretty great place to watch a game.

    I will assume that the Princeton list didn't factor in topography or views since Pepperdine isn't on the list.
  18. When I was there, a considerable amount of students were on financial aid. Doubt that has changed.
  19. rice's architecture to me is nice on some buidlings, but others are basic and bland, the oaks ringing the campus are nice, but again not unique





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