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Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Peacefrog, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Sorry babe, Doc said holding them in could bring back my cancer.
  2. Well I’m on 3 types of pain meds to control the nerve pain associated with the cancer, which leads to constipation. So I’m also taking multiple types of laxatives to combat that. All of that combined with the new diet is producing quite the c0cktail on my insides.

    Good times
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  3. Damn. Hope you keep getting better and keep on fartin’.
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  4. Nice work avoiding the filter, BTW.
  5. "Egad! Scotty's been eating the haggis again!
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  6. What kind of cancer does he have ?
  7. It’s a rare blood cancer called POEMS Syndrome, it’s in the myeloma family of cancers. Since you brought it up and I haven’t given a cancer update in a while...

    My radiation treatment was completed at the end of April and my bloodwork has been very good ever since. They draw labs every 2-3 weeks, my results have improved each time, and my oncologist has said it’s as good as she could’ve hoped for every time. So we are feeling good about the cancer aspect at this point, and I’m waiting for the neuropathy to heal itself now that the cancer is dying. I’m still basically paralyzed below the knees for all practical purposes, but I’ve started to be able to twitch my calf muscles in the last couple weeks. She has said she expects me to be back to 100% in 6-12 months.

    I got fitted for leg/foot braces about a month ago and they have made a huge difference. I can barely get around at all without them, but with them I can walk pretty well now.
  8. Great news!
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  9. Hopefully this is you in 6 months!

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    I made a similar joke and sent out the same gif the day I got my braces.
  11. best of luck in the recovery
  12. That’s an amazing report!
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  13. Awesome. Best of luck in your recovery!
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  14. kick its ass and get well.
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  15. Best to you - we're pulling for a quick recovery.
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  16. Umm... There ain't been no purdy ladies posted in a goodly while. Just sayin...
  17. [​IMG]


    Yore welcome.
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  18. I give up. I can't find the harpoon.
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  19. Peace...You crack me up!
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fok baylor!!
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