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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. *basic recipe I follow*

    Is that your way of saying it's going to taste like ship if I try to make it?

    Actually it will taste like ship no matter the recipe if I make it. Of course, brown eyed baker makes me a little nervous anyway.

    Thanks for posting. I'll try to talk my wife into making it!
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  2. haha. I hadn’t made a pie in years so I looked up some easy recipes and this was the best and easiest to follow! I bet you could handle it. If you can’t find key limes up north get that juice eight suggested.
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  3. I bet she’s not high maintenance at all...
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  4. Walking is for suckers!
  5. Did that parody song video that’s almost at 10,000 views. Also on my 4th handle of whiskey. The two are more related than I’d like to admit.
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  6. Doesn't matter at all.
  7. I am reading this as I’m parked at the liquor store.
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  8. That is a crime (misdemeanor).
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  9. I'm into a bottle of Mount Gay XO rum now.
    Not my fault. Influenced by another on here. :)
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  10. So good, I always keep a second bottle in reserve under the bar.

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  11. For America, and getting this thread back on topic.

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    I’ll have to try. Never really bought any fancy gay rums like this, But I’m willing to experiment.
  13. That was...titillating...
  14. I thought the amp was gonna blow her top off
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  15. Mount Gay was the original title to the movie Brokeback Mountain before they ran into trademark issues.
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  16. Which projector did you get? I did something similar with neighbors several years ago using a relatively simple Epson projector that I had for work presentations.

    I've contemplated getting a projector geared more toward video and starting that up again this summer.
  17. Have you tried Foursquare rums? The best rums on the planet right now, IMO. I started really enjoying rum with Appleton Estate and Mount Gay, but I've been on a Foursquare kick for a couple years now.
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