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Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Peacefrog, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. I started practicing music again. Even doing some very cool online lessons. (Which have gone way better than I expected.) Fender has a special through their website. However, I don't know if that would be as cool as the fact that I have caught up with a lot of friends from over the years. Both were goal items for the year. But sitting down and putting in the work on the music side has been cool.

    We have a great little projector. May have to set up the screen and see who wants to watch what. We have, at a distance of course (bite me fauci), caught up with our neighbors quite a bit. Everybody just checking on each other. #AmericaStrong
  2. screen name checks out … again
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  3. I built (just needs stain/finished) a mid-century nightstand. Not that I have any more free time than normal, actually have far less, and I was planning on doing it anyways.... but it happened during quarantine nonetheless.
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  4. I really scheissing miss HEB.
  5. can you share the key lime pie recipe? (not joking)
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  6. i miss the beer and wine samples at heb, scheiss all the other customers in the way
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  7. Eight at the wine sample stand:
    (Looks at person standing behind him for 10 minutes) "6 feet back, [ mother farger ]"
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    This is the basic recipe I follow. Instead of just using graham cracker crumbs for the crust, I grind up some super thick crispy tostadas I get at the the store; they are more dense than tortilla chips. Then I do half graham cracker crumbs and half tostada crumbs which makes wow super crispy crust that doesn’t fall apart when you slice it.

    I also made one for my friend that can’t have dairy by subbing lactose free sweetened condensed milk (I had no idea that existed) and making whipped coconut cream. Still delicious!

    BTW in TX I was always able to get key limes at Fiesta. Damn I miss Fiesta (also an HEB brand!)

  9. Well done man.
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  10. I think the coolest thing I've done is shoot the [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ], observe, and occasionally talk smack in this stupid little text thread me and some guys have. It's a madhouse.

    Outside of that, apply RollToad's answer and change to *Tom Thumb. Plus a little cooking of stuff not nearly as rich or satisfying as the lime pie.
  11. nellie and joe's key lime juice.....it is money
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  12. Those guys in that little text thread are probably all jerks of the highest order.
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  13. Complete degenerates who probably support infanticide like the Romans.
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  14. Asshoes.
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  15. Exactly
  16. It is very good, but just not the same as hand squeezed.
  17. Taking it easy during quarantine for the most part... just having babies, fighting cancer and relearning how to walk.
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  18. Thanks!!!
    Love Key Lime pie. BTW, Hemingways in Pensacola has an awesome one. So does Tommy Bahamas.
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  19. Nothing like a few hurdles to make us appreciate life and our health...God Bless.
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  20. TWSS
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