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Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Peacefrog, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Admittedly, a low bar...
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  2. [​IMG]
  3. Best beer going is a Mexican lager at Fort Brewery called Los Muertos. I could drink all of them.
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    Miller Lite is my favorite of the big light domestics. It definitely helped when hey changed their can back to the old logo. Feels much cooler than the rest of he cans. If you can find tall boy Schlitz it is pretty good too. They went back to the old can and recipe several years ago as well. Miller lite can can 2001-2014 actually made the beer not drinkable for me. Ha.

  5. I admittedly like a PBR on tap as long as it’s really cold. I don’t think I’ve had a Schlitz since high school.
  6. I drink PBRs a lot at bars, especially if I’m volume drinking watching a game or something. Price is right and tastes good enough to me.
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  7. I don't drink lite beer very often, but when I do my preference is Coors. I'm more of a dark beer guy...Shiner Bock at home,..Guinness at a bar when I can get it on tap.
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  8. 1st. Miller Lite
    2nd. Coors Light
    Distant 3rd. Bud Light
  9. That is one of the early signs of the 'Rona...wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it!
  10. I agree micros are my first, second, and third choice. But, if I had to drink a big three beer it would be Miller High Life. I love that beer and buy it occasionally in the summer. There is a bar on Magnolia called The Usual that sells a bucket of pony bottles of High Life. I can quaff that down in about 5 minutes much to my wife’s displeasure. I used to have a neighbor in Lot 4 for tailgates that brought High Life to every game. He’d offer me one every now and then. Really enjoyed it, especially on a hot day. He was a good guy.
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  11. When you said Guns and Oil, I went to their website to try and buy a t-shirt or hat. They are all sold out. Durn it.
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  12. Shiner. I also have a strange attraction to some of the weird Leinenkugal's flavors. It's kinda like drinking potpourri in a bottle, but every once in a while I'll pick up a six of that. Wife really likes ciders, and Austin Cider has some really good ones.

    But when all else fails, I will always come back to Shiner.
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  13. have had some good times in their draft room back in the day
  14. I prefer Dickens Cider.
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  15. Proudly serving Maccabee Beer since 1948!
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  16. I love Sam Adams Octoberfest.
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  17. Best me to it. By far the most satisfying cider.

    Great mouth-feel
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  18. New Bucket list item
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  19. humorous shelter in song thread bump
  20. I’m gonna go ahead and pick a whole lot of other bars on this planet that don’t require me to be on the border of Jordan in Israel at this particular moment in time.
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