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Front Porch Talk

Discussion in 'The Bar' started by Peacefrog, Mar 30, 2020.


    So, with that said, anyone else worn out on the never ending debate about who is the biggest expert on pandemic responses and geopolitics? Yes, of course you are. That’s why you clicked on a thread, any thread, just hoping for something else to discuss. We have no sports to watch. TCU is basically now just a really nice park to walk around. The Tiger King phenomenon has almost already run its course. So now what?

    Anything. Anything but the virus. Except the good part of it, which to this point has involved me sitting on my porch in a great weather chatting with neighbors and passers by.

    So let’s have front porch talk.

    I could tell you a great story about how I can turn a great brisket into a pot roast every darning time. Well, I just did. That’s the whole story.

    But I’m sure more of you have things to share. @Moose has a great caterpillar story that will keep us enthralled for minutes. @Frog-in-law1995 probably could amaze us with tales of lawyery zoom meetings.

    I’d welcome ideas on fun things you’ve done to keep your kids entertained. Or projects you’ve started you never thought you’d do.

    Just anything. Just not what that other thread has become.

    Or, things like this:

    Or, the Rose Bowl Game in one hour:

    Or, this:

    Please join me on the front porch, at a safe distance of course, so I don’t lose my mind in that other thread.
  2. Russian mafia vid slays me every time
  3. They steal from everyone on the train including his own stuff. If it’s real it’s one of the best stories ever.
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  4. I think there is a thread about this already
  5. I can’t delete that one.
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  6. Has anyone ever noticed how wide the rows in the west side lower bowl are?
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  7. Early preparation for social distancing.
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. Here's a random, non-CV19 post... can't seem to stop watching it.

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  10. I thought this was going to be about CGP saying the football program isn't the front porch of the university anymore bc of the virus.
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  11. Look man, that undersized brown caterpillar was a damn inspiration.
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  13. Caterpillar talk just makes me think of nature, which makes me think of this (language)...

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  14. I know quite a few folks have talked about Joe Rogan's podcast on here, which is fantastic, but another good time-kill during all of this is Jocko Willink's podcast. He's a stud former SEAL who has been on Rogan's podcast multiple times, but he's got some great episodes. Currently listening to a recent one with Johnny Kim (former SEAL/Doctor/Astronaut... episode #221), and it seems like a great one about 40 minutes in.

    Jocko is more serious than Rogan, as a lot are just about leadership, mentality, etc..., but there are some riveting stories with some incredible people (lot of special forces guys). I'd recommend the one with Dakota Meyer (episode #115), which is mind-blowing, and another good one is with a Vietnam era SEAL, Mike Thornton... epsidoe #89. That one is great, but even more cool because Ron Swanson's uncle, Hal Kuykendall gets a couple of shoutouts (he is good friends with Mike and served with him).
  15. She looks like she took a right hook from Tyson Fury.
  16. Name your top five active stand up comedians not named Dave Chapelle. Mine are

    Tom Segura
    Theo Von
    Ron Funches
    Chris D'elia
    Bobby Lee
  17. an old one but I always enjoy it.


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