Frogs pursuing the NFL.....

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  1. So here is what I know....

    Noteboom and Hicks have invites to the NFL combine....

    Noteboom invited to the Senior bowl....

    Hill, Pryor, and Morris got invites to the NFL Players Association Collegiate bowl....

    Have not heard of any defensive players getting combine invites or all star game invites... has anyone heard anything...
  2. I heard Taj Williams declared for the draft.
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  3. Any word on Schlottman?
  4. Schlottman invited to the collegiate showcase at Jerry world in Arlington....
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  5. What about Boesen? After an All American season, it’s hard to think he hasn’t been invited to a senior bowl or the combine....
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  6. His motor reminds me of Clay Matthews. Seems he could make the league if he has a chance.
  7. Yes, his motor...
  8. Unfortunately his guns do not
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  9. He’ll get a chance somewhere.
  10. I can’t imagine him not getting a shot...I’m very surprised he hasn’t gotten an invite to a post season bowl. I wonder if he just doesn’t want to play at the next level - that would make more sense.

    He’s 6 4’, 240 lbs and was an All American his senior year. I don’t think based on measurables he’s being kept out of post season senior bowls....
  11. They might be able to find a spot for him as a pass rush specialist, but he’s probably too light in the arse for the NFL.
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  12. Boesen and Hicks were studs in college, but I think both of them will run slow 40 times. I bet Hicks will be. 4.7 guy and Boesen will be 4.9. We have had D ends before that could run stride for stride with running backs. I know Ebner and the OU guy are fast but the two times he had to chase a running back in space it was evident he was way slower. NFL D ends can really fly.

    Again, I thought both were great in college but won’t have the speed necessary to play in the league.
  13. What a mystery of a season he had
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  14. He might have more catches in this game than he had for us this SEASON.
  15. Met Boesen’s parents after the Alamo Bowl game. He DEFINATELY wants to play at the next level. We didn’t chat about showcase bowls specifically but I know he’s signed w an agent and they have a combine prep plan already in place. I’d guess he will score well on the speed agility tests and that will make him a hybrid OLB type player in somebody’s draft board.
  16. Not really, he simply slipped down the depth chart due to other talent.
  17. Exactly - the NFL is a different beast. There’s hundreds of guys each year that put up big numbers in college that don’t have a shot at the next level.
  18. I agree. I see him as a pass rush OLB at the next level, given his size. It’ll come down to how fast they time him, though.

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