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  1. Sad
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  2. Hopefully the elections will be next...
  3. When the day comes that the economy starts to actually reflect the underlying fundamentals of what's going on, we are in for a disaster. May make 2008 look silly.
  4. the WH and the fed have signaled that any issues will be taken care of through government intervention. downturns are no longer allowed.
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  5. only a matter of time and whomever is in the white house isn't going to magically fix things

    curious if anyone has explained to hidalgo what the financial impact to harris county will be if they cancel the rodeo this year as well as the offshore trade show for a second year in a row

    curious if austin has thought about the financial impact of cancelling south by southwest again. their is no insurance to replace lost tax revenue and these are one time a year events which generate a significant amount of the tax revenue for the cities and the counties who are already in tough situations

    at least in 2008 these events still took place and we aren't even factoring in lawoffs
  6. And then it will get better again pretty quickly just like it always does.
  7. Awful and embarrassing decision.
  8. Sad to hear this. Been going to Stock Show/Rodeo in Ft. Worth for over 50 years. Always look forward to it in January.
  9. Probably not worth having at 25% capacity.
  10. sure that is exactly what all the kids who have been raising an animal with hope to show are thinking when they heard the news
  11. My workplace lost millions last year with the rodeos being cancelled so I can’t imagine what will happen this year not having any at all.
  12. we all have to do all part in fighting the pandemic which means washing hands, wearing masks, buying our groceries from a cashier enclosed in plexiglass, and losing millions while cases and deaths drop
  13. This virus really has exposed the fact that a majority of people in this country are pure idiots who cant think for themselves.
  14. I’m concerned that a lot of the things that are cancelled this year (and next) will have a hard time coming back
  15. More blithering idiocy from our "betters" in Government.

    I keep forgetting, living in the country as I do, just how deliberately misinformed and utterly cowed the City folk are to this Plague Porn. Nobody out here wears a damned face-diaper anymore, and hasn't for a couple of months. The stupid Town Mayor who ordered everybody in Town to wear a mask (while forgetting that she has no police force to enforce her diktat) back in April is on her way to wretched defeat. Good riddance.

    Going back to my old town is jarring. Everyone lives in fear, hiding behind their face diaper, eyes darting around. It's sick, and I am literally ashamed of these people, behaving like panicked sheep. Of course, all they hear from the lying Media is "Wear your mask! Protect yourself!" The damned illness is past us! The peak was in April! APRIL! All of the "curves" are bottoming out, and have been since July. JULY! Oh, and in case nobody noticed, it's OCTOBER!!!!

    We have, all of us, literally had a year stolen from our lives. A whole year. The Media driven panic, crazy overreaction, and continued mis-information (commonly known as lies) spread by Our Betters is insulting, if not galling.

    Read: https://gbdeclaration.org/

    You all should be furious at this. But, instead, I am certain that a significant number will be angry at me for pointing all this out. "Plague Denier!" "Tinfoil Hat Wearer!"

  16. If only we’d followed Fauci’s advice in March and believed there was no reason to wear masks.
  17. Wear masks, just not the ones that may actually protect you (N95) because that's selfish!


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