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Fort Worth Report: TCU basketball player Sedona Prince scores major changes at the NCAA


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TCU basketball player Sedona Prince scores major changes at the NCAA​

by Shomial Ahmad

TCU’s Sedona Prince doesn’t just play women’s basketball, she’s taken on the NCAA — and won.

She was a lead plaintiff in House v. NCAA, one of the lawsuits that led to the nearly $2.8 billion NCAA settlement agreement announced in late May. That agreement has been called “historic” and “transformative” by sports commentators. If approved by a federal judge, the agreement will allow colleges to directly pay their student athletes.

But that’s not the only time Prince starred as a catalyst for change at the national level.

Read more at https://fortworthreport.org/2024/06...dona-prince-scores-major-changes-at-the-ncaa/

hometown frog

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Her video from the two different weight rooms was a huge step for women’s sports. I don’t think I realized she was involved in the House litigation until very recently.

love to see folks fighting for needed change and proud she’s a Frog

Endless Purple

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It sounds great, but I hope they prepared for unintended consequences.

I expect that the schools will find a way to remove football from the scholarship equation then cut a bunch of women's sports.