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Fort Worth mayoral election - 5/2/21

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Paul in uhh, Mar 18, 2021.

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    One issue that will drive mayoral races this year is the simple question - how would you handle protests that evolve into destruction and looting? All taxpayers and property owners deserve to have this answered in great detail.
  2. Will Peoples lead the charge to defund/radically undercut the police?
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  3. Pretty sure Peoples said her #1 issue and priority would be race/equality
  4. Which is concerning language to me when there’s going to be a trial in august for that police officer who shot the black woman who was in her home.

    You KNOW there will be some tension around the city over this. Not sure I trust Peoples to make sure the looters stay away.
  5. No doubt. Feel like that also wouldn't bode well for the CRT debate within FWISD, and the last thing I want is for my children to have that forced on them.
  6. You don’t want your children to experience actual racism at the hands of their teachers? How else will they know to be ashamed of the race they were born into without their consent?
  7. If you get a call from this number it's pollsters for the runoff. Probably from some PAC on behalf of Peoples but it was a rather fair survey. Took about 10 minutes. Only answered bc I thought it may be a client. 8178598991
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Sir this is a Wendy’s
  10. I’ll take a single with cheese and bacon, mustard lettuce tomato only and a small fry. Oh, and a medium grapey grape.
  11. Anyone who doesn’t order at least a small Frosty at Wendy’s is the scum of the earth.
  12. Just a reminder that if you haven’t early voted in the runoff you can do so now and until end of day June 1.

    You don’t need to have voted in the first Election Day.
  13. I have been in Fort Worth the past few days. Every house I see with those stupid "In this house we believe" signs also have People's signs in them so I guess she is the democrat of the race?
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  14. I would be in favor of electioneering reform. 100 feet is not enough. It would be nice to be able to get out of your vehicle in the parking lot and not be immediately ambushed by candidates and their lackeys. They were also waving people into parking lots like I'm parking in an empty lot across from Fair Park. I don't mind them being there...just let me get out of my truck and then don't bother me.
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  15. I like telling them I'm voting for their candidate and then saying the same thing to their competitor's team before walking in to vote.
  16. One candidate said to me "I can tell by your truck you not in my district but tell your friends about me." So then I asked "I don't fit your profile?"
  17. This is the best post in this thread.
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    I have zero doubt that this guy and the people backing this stupid bill have no idea what CRT really is other than a convenient vessel to jam a legislative/politically motivated “IM NOT RACIST” faux-history curriculum on students
  19. So, I suppose you'd rather have CRT jammed down our students' throats? That's already happening in far too many schools in Texas and around the country.

    And I know exactly what CRT "really is." It's a thinly disguised version of Marxism in which the struggle between the classes is replaced by conflict between the races. Instead of fomenting class hatred it spurs on racial hatred instead. And it teaches white people to hate themselves merely because of the color of their skin.

    Marxism is a secular, materialist theory based on hatred, envy, and resentment. So too is CRT. Both theories run directly counter to the traditional Judeo-Christian notion that ALL men and women are born in the image and likeness of God with inherent and inestimable dignity and worth, regardless of what race or economic class they belong to.

    This isn't hard to understand at all. It's just that liberals are panicking now as more and more Americans are coming to their senses about it.

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