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Football Stadium Safety

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Big Frog II, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. For those sitting on the fence wondering if it is safe to attend a game in person I offer my opinion. First I am very cautious about the virus. I stay away from people and wear my mask. As for the game, I felt very safe. TCU has done a great job of making this as safe of an environment as possible. We were all spread out, the concessions are safe to purchase, there is hand sanitizer around the stadium, and being outside with a breeze, you really can't feel any more protected. So if you had tickets but were uncomfortable about using them, I say put those fears to rest. If you do find yourself closer to another group than you feel is safe, there is plenty of room to move over a space or two. All and all, I felt much safer than going to the grocery store.

    Lastly, it was fun doing something normal for a change. After having not had a TCU sports event to attend since early March, it was enjoyable to be able to go in person and attend a game.
  2. good posts though i first thought you were gong to ask if tcu had a safety in the stadium on any of those long plays by the cyclone offense

    do think that the fears of things such as the game, going to the movies, or even the gym are less than what has been projected because in most of those cases we have found people are cooperative

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