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Football Season Tickets and Tax Update

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Ryann Zeller, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. Can someone confirm that season ticket renewal deadline was extended? I believe this is correct, but waiting email confirmation from ticket office.
  2. I received an email saying April 17 is the deadline now.

    However I believe that may be extended.
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  3. Hmmm... I’ve kind of been wondering what the process would be for refunds.
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  4. Yes, the renewal deadline was extended to April 17.

    Like many of you, the ticket office is working remotely at this time. Please email tickets@tcu.edu if you have questions. W will reply or call you back ASAP.

    Stay safe and thank you for your continued support of TCU!

    Go Frogs!
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  5. I'm guessing NONE. Roll over to the next year. Which is why I'm not renewing until the last possible second, if at all.
  6. upload_2020-4-4_15-24-20.png

    FYI ☝☝☝

    Thanks for your continued support during this very unusual time.

    Go Frogs!
  7. Is that going to allow enough time for the upgrade process?
  8. Any other suckers renew before all this [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] hit or just me?
  9. Yes. Upgrades will still take place mid to late June.

    Go Frogs!
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  10. For the remainder of the baseball season tickets/parking we were given the option of a refund now vs. rolling over to next year. I would guess that the same would hold for football if there was some major change to the football season.
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  11. Here
  12. Starting to think that this covid thing is gonna be the needle that pops the college education bubble.

    I’m glad tcu has their stadium and facilities paid with cash.
  13. You're not alone.
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  14. Unfortunately I took my he bate early on. Will see where it goes.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. I too renewed my six season tickets and Lot #3 reserved parking before this catastrophic event occurred.

    If the 2020 season is cancelled, they can simply credit my payment to the 2021 season.
  17. I do wonder what the refund policy will be if there is no season?
  18. Look 8 posts prior to yours.
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