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Florida School Memorial - Frog Fan?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by DaCrief, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. I hope the video works. I saw this video of memorials in front of the Florida high school where the mass shooting occurred. Gut-wrenching. Near the end of the video, i noticed a TCU flag on the fence which looked like it was being signed as part of the memorial. Did we lose a frog fan? Anyone know the connection? May be an opportunity for frog fans to mount up and reach out to a hurting family.
  2. Maybe he was heading to TCU next. Just awful.
  3. It's hard to watch this on TV without getting emotional then turning into anger.
  4. My boy is going to TCU next Fall.

    I can’t watch this without getting upset.
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  5. Excuse me, but where did you source the video? I would like to share it.
  6. Maybe just TCU fans or students in the area wanting to leave something in the memorial.
  7. NPR news show interviewed a teacher that survived that crime, who was on her way to the funeral for a girl that was killed. The victim was an accomplished pianist and violinist, and was interested in medical research as a career. Two days after she died, the victim received a letter informing her that she was a National Merit finalist.

    I hope TCU recruiting had reached out to her.

  8. Facebook. A public post from the account of JEFFREY ALDRICH. Profile pic is of 50s white dude in a tan suit jacket and blue shirt with a “prayers for parkland” banner
  9. Froglash 88 teaches in the Ft lauderdale area (private school I think). Maybe he erected the TCU banner. A guess.
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    Thank you. Is it my eyes, or does it look like that TCU flag has a bunch of writing on it? It could be the way it's pressed against the fence, but when I pause it it looks like people signed it. If so, the young man may have been headed here.
  11. Didn’t a teacher from that school post on here last week saying a coworker had some students killed?
  12. Wasn’t me. I’ll ask some of my friends who teach (or who have taught) at Douglas.
  13. I know a Frog from the mid aughts who went there. She was an intramural ref and one of the super frogs IIRC. Could potentially be her.

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