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First 2019 AP Poll

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Just like Mall Rats. I keep looking at it, but I can't see the boat.
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  2. Can’t say I’m cheering for Texas but would help our SOS if they pulled a victory out of their ass
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  3. Screw that. I hope they lose badly and then everyone on the team quits.
  4. Is there an early line on the TU/LSU game?
  5. Yeah...Imma go with this right here.
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  6. iirc, it went from horns +3 to a pick recently.
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  7. Gueax Tigers (against UT).
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  8. I hope LSU destroys them. My hatred for UT is solidly back. Never in my life have I rooted against a team as much as I did the Chris Simms/Roy Williams group, simply couldn't stand them and their arrogance. Then 2015 and 2016 Baylor may have trumped that, but Herman has brought the hatred for UT back strong.
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  9. Agreed. I don't like coaches who are obviously poor humans. Herman mocking that QB on the sideline was about the trashiest thing
  10. Yeah, it was right up there with Woody Hayes punching that opposing player. Right, Wex?
  11. yes, but it is based on how much Mensa gets injured by trying to take a claw hammer to a filing cabinet.
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  12. :eek:
  13. I think a lot depends on how Burrows plays. Know they can't afford for him to get hurt.
  14. The whole front seven....likely will play a hybrid with safeties coming down and maybe 3 down lineman at most
  15. Same here onthe Simms squad, and then hatred coming back because of Herman.

    Still trying to figure out where this annoyed feeling I have with Aggy came from. It just seems to grow each year. I remember a time when I would go to some of their games. Cheer for them against certain teams, etc. But then they just got beyond annoying when they went to the SEC. I have followed that conference almost all my life and I'll be danged if I am gonna let some jackwagon fan of a school who has been in the conference for all of 6 minutes try to educate me on the traditions of football in the South. That and the "they are t-shirt fans" line they like to throw out. Heck, everybody has fans outside the school, that's what is awsome about college football. Heck, even more, for Aggy to scream about t-shirts when that seems to be formal atirre for them just seems wrong.

    I'd point at them at mention how they have little bro syndrome with Texas, but since I root for Auburn, that would seem extremely hypocritical.
  16. It wasn't so much that, if you want to be that kind of a coach then whatever. What really turned me was him getting sand in his jock over the horns down stuff, talking about how other teams should be penalized and needed to be classier than that. At that point it was clear he's just a bully who wants to pick on everyone, but then cries to the teacher whenever someone snaps back at him.
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  17. Literally every school in the Big12 is making a 3 safety scheme a part of their base..I get a kick out of schools that like to bag on GP about being old school and then turnaround and implement his “forward” thinking defense
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  18. And Hayes tripping the opposing team’s player after he picked off a pass and was running down the sidelines for a score.
  19. For sure. The whole league is starting to focus on better defense. And that is easily attributed to GP. When a guy with a banged up team and issues at qb gets to a bowl win, people understand the value of defense.
    Look at the National Title Games. Bama, Ohio State, Clemson etc. Sure, they had games where points were scored big, but they all got to that point playing sound defense. When Auburn won a few years back, sound defense. Even better defense when they were undefeated under Tuberville.
  20. How the scheiss is nebraska 24?

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