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Fire Cumbie now

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by hiphopfroggy, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re proposing, but you absolutely cannot plan on firing assistant coaches after signing day, tell the coaches that they’re going to be fired, tell the recruits that the coaches are going to be fired, and have those same soon-to-be-fired coaches going out and recruiting for your school.

    That would be the strangest dynamic ever and would not work at all.
  2. Because of the transfer portal and new recruits' ability to burn a redshirt year on a transfer (or seek a waiver), I'm not sure why keeping coaches around only until after signing day would be a good strategy. In the old days, sure, it makes perfect sense. The only reason to keep them around now is that hiring new guys might not work out.
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  3. ...and Anderson, Burns, Glasgow, and Sharp.
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  4. Depends on the extent of the changes and the coaches involved. Certainly if you're completely cleaning house then you're not sending them out recruiting and telling everyone about it but our situation isn't going to be anything close to that of course.
  5. I am holding out hope that Cumbie is a candidate for jobs elsewhere(hence why he hasn't been shown the door) but am losing hope.
  6. Cumbie is not going anywhere. No changes coming.
  7. Maybe an analyst

    We are here in the Big 12 because of GP and we may return to a mediocre state because of him also. Not because he cannot coach defense but because of his EXTREME LOYALTY. So sad, because he is so good at defense, terrible to let it waste. So much dead weight on the staff, not just Cumbie.
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  8. Yeah this subject needed a new thread
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  9. Why would anyone hire him? Same for GP's whole staff. If your guys are any good, they'll get poached before they've been with you two decades. Maybe one or two just want to be an assistant forever, but not half-a-dozen. The only explanation for that is that everyone knows they're no good. Sonny is unmovable damaged good at this point, surely. Gary is going to have to find the guts to actually push him out. Hopefully to be replaced by someone with the guts to fire the rest, on the offensive side at least.
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  10. How many has GP fired in 20 yrs?
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  11. Forgot about Glasgow. He’s a clown.
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  12. It is sickening no changes have been made to address the incompetent coaching on offense. How? Why? Can anyone look at the consistent lack of production from the TCU offense and not make a change! It really is a sad state of affairs for TCU Football that personal loyalties outweigh the health of the program.
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  13. Both Cumbie and Luper have been mentioned as possible candidates for the UNM opening. Would be pay cut for SC.
  14. Clearly, UNM can do better than the both of them.
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  15. We need to start cleaning house on coaches and recruiting QB hard.
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  16. Sure, seems obvious doesn't it? Could it happen on the coaching situation, yes, but will it happen, no.

    Let's enlarge the 4 team playoff teams and look at the final top 10. Would any of these top 10 teams hire any of our position coaches for their position needs? On offense, I would think, no. On defense, maybe, well after second thought, no.

    GP, we are light years from the final 4 and we all understand the propaganda coming out at the time the new stadium was being built that a NC could be won here. Well, maybe so, but extremely doubtful.

    Can we win the Big 12 on a reasonable time schedule? Absolutely, and why shouldn't we, but not without change. The conference is getting stronger and we are becoming less of a championship threat to the rest of the league.
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  17. Initially I believed there was no way that CGP could keep Sonny. The lack of production, identity, creative play calling and results certainly justify a change. Now though I'm convinced CGP is going to prioritize personal loyalty over the health of a program and keep the TCU coaching staff in place. CGP deserves all the credit in the world for building TCU up but at this pace he is also going to deserve all the blame for tearing it down.
  18. Wow. Do you have a countdown timer on your phone that says "It's been 2 hours sicne your last Fire Cumbie! Post"? It seems like you're making sure that everyone knows you haven't changed your opinion!
  19. I think that with the early signing period, the timeline for coaching changes has moved up. My memory of 2013 was that it didn't seem like a late move when Meacham was hired. It does feel like GP is unlikely to make any meaningful changes this year. Of course, he could do something like bring in another assistant, like a "passing game coordinator" or even an analyst, but I'm not holding my breath.

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