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Fire Cumbie now

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by hiphopfroggy, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. The only good thing about missing a bowl game, one would think, would be the crystallization that drastic changes are needed immediately to improve the offense.

    What is the hold up here? Time is $$$$ and missed opportunity....

    Will be beyond perturbed if TCU needlessly wastes another season next year while burning through the last of their built up cachet for no good reason. Also, the offseason will be very depressing watching other schools making good hires while TCU lets opportunity slip by. TCU needs to hit a HR at the OC now.
  2. how do you know if other teams have made good or bad hires in the off-season?
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  3. One big reason not to fire him right now is it could have a really negative impact on our recruiting class as we are a few weeks away from signing day and a lot of the kids have a good relationship with Sonny.
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  4. This. We need to make them sign their LOI THEN fire the coach that recruited them.
  5. Keeping your coaches around isn't about tricking recruits. If we fire everyone today then who is left to do the leg work of the recruiting? As long as you trust the assistants not to sabotage the entire process then you keep them doing their jobs AND be honest to recruits about upcoming changes that are being planned.
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  6. Keeping coaches around for the sake of keeping kids committed isn't going to help nowadays. Fire coaches after signing day, and the new kids can still hit the transfer portal because the coach that recruited them is no longer on staff.
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  7. He's staying. The sooner we all accept it, the more we can enjoy this time of year with our families. Hopefully GP will make some changes with position coaches that can put SC in the best position to find a clue.
  8. Which is why you TELL THE PLAYERS that changes are coming. You can alert them to upcoming changes without having to actually make those changes before signing day.
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  9. If the coaching situation is keeping any fans from enjoying the holidays with their families then those people should probably seek help and quit watching sports.
  10. SC to QB Coach. New guy to OC.

    My guess.
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  11. In this case, aren't you still at risk of losing recruits the same as if you did it afterwards and not telling them? Not trying to argue, but it just seems that the results would/could be the same either way.

    Plus, if did make a change before signing dayyou might also get other players interested in coming here that might not have been or were still on the fence. I guess there are pros & cons either way.
  12. Every single coaching change GP has ever made has been well after the season and has been done very quietly.
  13. Meacham was hired on 12/3 and announced as offensive coordinator shortly thereafter. Cumbie was hired and named Co-OC about a week later.
  14. who gets fired?

  15. Ive always heard that playing in a minor bowl cost us money, doesn't make us money. Is that correct?
  16. TCU should be careful with that line of thinking.

    If Sonny is the coach, there will be a bunch of people not watching.

    I noticed they started this trend early in the year after two plus years atrocious play calling. Gary thinks he builds goodwill with highly ranked defenses because his OC runs the clock. He doesn’t, scoring a bunch of points to also win the games is what matters.
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  17. I have no idea how anything you said here has anything to do with people enjoying the holidays with their families.
  18. You’re right...meant to be a reply to The Artist’s quote about keeping Cumbie and replacing position coaches. Apologies for user error.
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  19. I've never made a mistake before but I've always heard it happens a lot with other people.
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  20. The whole Gary Patterson tenure/administration has gone stale. Cumbie is a great example of this.

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