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Final Prediction - In or Out?

Final Prediction - In or Out?

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What is fair would be in. What the College Football Playoff Committee thinks is fair could be entirely different. I wont be watching any of the games if TCU doesnt make it and I suspect many people outside of the 4 schools going wont.


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Don't know, but Riley needs to be reflecting. This isn't the first goal line BS he has screwed up this year. Hell, the fourth down just last week was stuffed and it took miller getting going backwards on a fluke run to get a TD. QB sneak with a couple of 300 pounders in at FB needs to be in the arsenal.

Dude did the same sideways plays 10 times vs UT for huge losses...doesn't seem to learn from mistakes.

Gillespie also seems to have the same problem of not learning that playing 15 yards off of a WR is a recipe for a free 7 yard curl route.
Duggan and Dykes talking to Riley and Gillespie


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We don’t get the benefit of the doubt. Bama gets that. Our margin of error is so slim. Yesterday was out defacto quarterfinal game and we (well Riley and Gillespie) blew it.


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Georgia and Michigan are for sure 1 and 2. @LisaLT

What is the CFP committee gonna do with TCU, tOSU, Bama, and Clemson.

TCU - undefeated regular season, loss to 3 loss team, and not conference champion.
tOSU - only loss to conference champion.
Bama - two losses to SEC schools on the road. (Counts as .5 a loss, because $EC)
Clemson - two loss conference champion.
Wasn't our only loss to a conference champion? And not by 23 on our home field, but in OT?

Didn't we also beat the conference champion?

Your negativity is tired, and wrong.