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Final Prediction - In or Out?

Final Prediction - In or Out?

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I never totally bought into Wetzel's CCG should only count for seeding argument, but I do think adding an OT loss to a team we beat before in a CCG is probably a neutral result on our "body of work" ledger. 3.


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All things being equal, they’d be a lock. But we know better. I still say in. Better resume than Bama. One more “all-important data point,” which the lack of kept them out in 2014. Hell, I think they should keep the 3 seed.


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Don't know, but Riley needs to be reflecting. This isn't the first goal line BS he has screwed up this year. Hell, the fourth down just last week was stuffed and it took miller getting going backwards on a fluke run to get a TD. QB sneak with a couple of 300 pounders in at FB needs to be in the arsenal.

Dude did the same sideways plays 10 times vs UT for huge losses...doesn't seem to learn from mistakes.

Gillespie also seems to have the same problem of not learning that playing 15 yards off of a WR is a recipe for a free 7 yard curl route.
Agree that coaching needs to be improved in this month. We have the horses to win - let’s put them in a position to take these games and run with them


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Alabama has:

No conference title
No division title
No Top 5 Wins
No Top 10 Wins
And our game vs the horns TCU played better. Alabama barely won that game and was facing their back up QB Card most of the game, right? We faced Ewers, their starter, and shut them down. That should also count for something. That is a direct comparison point vs a mutual opponent


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And their loss to LSU is looking worse and worse
Right. As I said earlier, there isn’t one data point where they have an edge.

They have no chance of jumping us. This year the difference between 3 and 5 is substantial. I guess if Purdue pulls off the upset here they could maybe replace OSU but even that is highly unlikely I think.