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Final Prediction - In or Out?

Final Prediction - In or Out?

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Out, corrupt committee goes OSU & Bama over TCU. Blue bloods, more fans/more playoff dollars just to tempting for committee to pass up. Knock on wood Frogs get at large participation bid to Cotton and finish year with a W as the Alamo Bowl would be a horrible end to journey as Big12 runner ups. Sports has no moral victories but as disappointing as today has been the Frogs have exceeded wildest expectations.

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Don't know, but Riley needs to be reflecting. This isn't the first goal line BS he has screwed up this year. Hell, the fourth down just last week was stuffed and it took miller getting going backwards on a fluke run to get a TD. QB sneak with a couple of 300 pounders in at FB needs to be in the arsenal.

Dude did the same sideways plays 10 times vs UT for huge losses...doesn't seem to learn from mistakes.

Gillespie also seems to have the same problem of not learning that playing 15 yards off of a WR is a recipe for a free 7 yard curl route.


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For all you naysayers who keep pointing to 2014 as to why we might get kept out.

In 2014 we had two data points in our favor. "Best loss" and "better point margin in our common opponent game", and honestly, that second one was kind of lame since we played Minnesota at home in September and OSU played them on the road in a snowstorm, and that game was never in doubt either, OSU was up by 17 points with 10 minutes to go. That's it. So despite all the rantings and ravings on here, every other relevant data point favored OSU.....best win, SOS, wins over bowl teams, outright conference championship 12-1 record, etc etc, etc. That's just a fact. And then throw in a 59-point win in the CCG on top of that.

In 2022 every single data point favors us over Alabama. Every single one. This situation isn't remotely comparable to 2014.

We are 100% in.