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FBI and Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegations

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by gohornedfrogs, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Unhinged because I’m not angrily in denial of reality? Okay. My sphere of influence mostly includes people who use their brains, so it’s a pretty good bunch. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
  2. The irony is people like you crying foul over Russian involvement when Democrats benefited from Russian meddling for 40+ years.

    I know you think everything is all about right now, but you obviously never had nightmares as a child about a thermonuclear war with the Soviet Union. It had a lasting effect on a generation of people.
  3. Since we're talking about Russians.

    1. Gabby Giffords wasn't shot by a Republican and neither was it politically motivated, he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.
    2. The Charleston shooter was an over medicated youngster turned meth head white supremacist, again, not a Republican nor was it politically motivated.
    3. You misrepresented Trump's quote, he said there are very fine people on both sides.
    4. And socialists are nominee's for Democrats. BTW the white supremacists are hardly Conservative nor mirror the Republican platform. Like the afore mentioned socialists they simply want to tear down the current system and will use any party to achieve their goals.
    5. If you think the Tea Party even came close to the same behavior as these protestors and mainstream Democrats then you really didn't pay attention or simply listened to cherry picked accounts from news outlets that had the Tea Party did the same things as we saw the last two weeks would have hounded Republicans for months making it an election issue. However, I doubt you'll see even one member of the press ask a Democrat like Feinstein or Waters if they think their behavior during this confirmation process was to blame for the incivility of the country today.
    Furthermore, Trump never called Nazi's good people and his remark concerning Mexicans wasn't talking about Mexicans at all, but rather the violent gang MS-13; and he's been proven right by that statement. As far as his take on journalists, even media watchdog groups agree Obama was far more hostile towards the media than Trump has been. Whereas Trump has leveled heated rhetoric against the press, Obama took action against journalists.
  4. Then please explain to us what evidence supports the continued labeling of Kavanaugh as a rapist by Democrats?
  5. Lost the sense of irony mid-post.
  6. So loony/bad right wingers aren’t republicans but loony/bad left wingers are democrats? Incredibly pathetic anyone would pretend to believe this, much less actually believe it. And to minimize these terrible things is just so wrong and so terrible. It’s just a gross worldview.

    So many on the right are xonvinced people on the left are inherently bad people. Not that their ideas are bad, but that the people themselves are bad. It’s really sad and shows low capacity for critical thinking and shows exactly why republicans have gotten so terrible at actual governing.
  7. Man, what alternate reality are you living within? The right aren't the ones labeling everyone a bigot, racist, misogynist, homophobic embicile every time a mouse farts in a lab. Sounds like we're inherently bad people.
  8. I can't for the life of me fathom how you've lived your entire life without realizing the amount of othering and dehumanizing that happens on both sides of the aisle, but to specifically make an argument that the behavior is limited to just the right—especially after the events of the last few weeks—is just mind boggling.

    Also, just because someone does something bad to a person on the left side of the aisle does not mean the perpetrator was a right wing nut. Sometimes bad people do bad things for absolutely crazy reasons. Then again, given the state of political discourse as it currently stands in the country, I shouldn't be surprised that you see this as a binary issue.
  9. Do you not read? I literaly laid out in this thread the equal absurdities of the extreme wings on both sides and how they don’t represent the parties themselves. And you refuted that, alleging only the left had an extreme fringe! And now all the sudden you’re getting huffy about ME not seeing the argument i have literally been making for several pages?

    The complete inability to have an intellectually sincere debate is the most trump-y thing ever. Choosing to be dishonest is what’s wrecking this country. Choosing to be so tribal to the extent that you can’t cut through the noise and see the real good and the real bad is why the society is in chaos. It’s why we elected America’s biggest liar as president.

    Oh well, at least TCU is good at basketball now.
  10. Your previous comment:

    "So many on the right are xonvinced people on the left are inherently bad people. Not that their ideas are bad, but that the people themselves are bad. It’s really sad and shows low capacity for critical thinking and shows exactly why republicans have gotten so terrible at actual governing."

    That was the context of my reply, and if you did call out the violence and vitriol from the left and I missed it then I apologize. However, you have displayed an inherent bias while leveling various charges at me based on nothing more than your own assumptions as to who I am or which side I support. Not once have I defended Trump's ridiculous antics, simply corrected your false or misleading accusations. I've asked you several times to clarify or provide examples and you have not, only now choosing to call me dishonest.

    At least we can end this with one thing we agree on, TCU has two good basketball teams now.
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