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FBI and Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegations

Discussion in 'Killingsworth Court, Formerly The General Forum' started by gohornedfrogs, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. The thing about Kavanaugh is that he isn't the pick most Conservatives wanted, many think he's as close to a moderate pick that Trump had from his latest list and still the left went full crazy in trying to stop his nomination.
  2. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius.
  3. LOL he’s incredibly right wing give me a break.
  4. He's just right of Roberts which is hardly "incredibly right wing." Would you rather have had Barrett or Lee nominated?
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  5. I'm really enjoying the meltdown of the left but this truly has me worried for the safety of our elected officials. All it takes is one stupid mistake to turn this into a bloodbath.
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  6. Well we already had a gunman shoot up up a GOP baseball practice, so I wouldn't find it surprising if one of these leftists try to take out Kavanaugh now that he's been confirmed.
  7. Confirmed!!.......Yesssss

    Another successful milestone in thwarting the diabolical agenda being perpetrated by the Socialist-Left.

    Vladimir wept.....
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  8. This is so irresponsible. I never figured you for a total wingnut until the last week. This is so nuts.
  9. “Vladimir wept.” Now there’s some irony.
  10. Like when Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) was short in a supermarket and all the GOP bothered to do was offer some thoughts and prayers?
  11. Barrett, yes.
  12. I'm nuts? Why? Because the left is so unhinged that they verbally assault Senators at dinner, in elevators, in the halls of Congress? Protestors break through police barriers? A leftist, Bernie Sanders supporter, shoots up a baseball practice of GOP congressmen? And with all the above evidence, the rabid illogical rantings online by Democrats calling Kavanagh everything from pedophile to gang-rapist, that I could easily see someone taking it one step further and attempt to kill him; that makes ME nuts?
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    Barrett is well right of Kavanaugh, and mark my words, if another Justice retires or dies before the end of Trump's term and he nominates Barrett the left will go on a war path that makes the last few weeks look tame by comparison.
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  14. 2020 Democratic National Convention Footnote:

    'Happy Days Are Here Again' will be replaced by the 'Internationale'

    *Please stand, extend left arm with clenched fist*
  15. Three justices, that would complete the trifecta for Trump, and may be a first for a prez. Anyone know if a prez added more?
    BTW, you have my permission to continue being a "wingnut" and drive the left further into their own destruction.
    All they have is name- calling, and I'm surprised that they haven't called Kavanaugh a racist-- yet, that is.
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    If you believe that defines the left and you can’t point to equal garbage on the fringe of the right, then, yes, you’re nuts.
    - Gabby Guffords, shot in the head
    - Black church in South Carolina, shot up
    - “Some of them are good people” beating black people in Charlottesville
    - Am actual Nazi is a GOP nominee for congress
    - And if you think the Tea Party didn’t “verbally assault” Democrats in the last admin you’re nuts.

    At least the left isn’t led by a man who calls nazis good people, brags about sexual assault, makes fun of the disabled, is clearly and undeniably racist, calls all Mexicans rapists, and praises fascist leaders that put their dissidents in concentration camps or murder journalists.

    Stop trying to claim some moral high ground. Trump and his party are amoral and there is no serious way to deny that at this point.
  17. In practice she’d be just as far right as Kav will be (and regardless the effect is the same), and at least she’s not a political creature. Yeah, I disagree with her policy positions just as much, but she doesn’t have what I believe should be disqualifying hyper-partisan past.
  18. You are completely unhinged. My thoughts and prayers are with the people within your sphere of influence.
  19. You may be young, so I’ll forgive you. But you do realize that for more than 40 years, communists from the Soviet Union (or those recruited by them), infiltrated the Democratic Party in various ways to try to influence elections to the Democrats’ favor, don’t you?

    And you do realize the Democrats hardly ever said a word, don’t you, because their ideals weren’t so different?

    Today, Putin just wants to wreak havoc and disrupt our system. He doesn’t seem to rally care about Dems or Reps either way.
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    So, you do get the irony. At least we are in the same page there. Good job. Thanks for some basic historical notes, too. They would be most helpful if it was still the 1950s-80s.

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