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Farrington Field

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by watchfrog, May 25, 2020.

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  2. Played there a couple of times. Richland opened with Eastern Hills and Poly both years. This was 1967 and 1968.
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  3. My High School, Arlington Heights, played there often in the 60's. Same for my Junior High, Monnig.

    Plus, I saw many a High School Holiday Tournament at the gym right behind Farrington. Games all day long. Don't recall the name of the gym.
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  4. It was called Public Schools Gym back in the 60's and 70's, then at some point it was changed to Billingsley Field House.
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    I have my dad’s 100 yard dash ribbon from the Tarrant county track meet at Farrington in either 1939 or 1940, Keller HS.
    Edit: not gonna dig it out of storage but should be 1941
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  6. That was the West Side Lions Club Christmas Tournament.
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  7. I saw a preseason (called "exhibition" back then) game between Denver and Kansas City in 1964. Saw Mike Renfro play for Heights when I was in grad school.

    I saw Norm Bulaich win the 100 yard dash in the mid-60's for TCU: Compared to the other sprinters it looked initially like a shot putter had gotten mixed up and appeared on the track; then he smoked those little guys. This was in an annual Spring competition back then for both high schools and colleges: "Southwestern" something-or-other, which included events all over town, including golf.

    Also, on a more disturbing note, the bulletin board (changeable letters like old theaters), would tell which games were to be played, including the "Colored" high school games, usually on a Wed or Thurs, I think.

    Still a beautiful old stadium of the Art Deco style so popular back then. I love Art Deco and am happy they kept it at ACS.
  8. I was at that first pro game and it featured a total ellipse of the moon. I played there for the TCU Tiny Mights (a little league football team) and McLean Junior High and went to many a Paschal game. One game I played in it rained so hard that on the opening kick off as the two teams clashed a literal wave of water washed over us all and 22 boys laid on the ground laughing our butts off.
    I will miss the old girl she holds a lot of good memories.
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  9. I have seen so many games there I can't count them all. Linda Kaye always seemed to be at all of them. Got to run track there and so did some of my kids. Saw The Texans and the Broncos play. The best player ever on the field was Earl Campbell. I could not believe how good he was. Never have seen a better high school player to this day.

    Always loved the great view of downtown from the west side stands.
  10. Ah the ubiquitous Linda Kaye, now there is another legion and a whole different set of stories. I miss her too.
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  11. I read recently FWISD sold several properties and Farrington was under consideration, but wasn’t selected, as one of the venues to be sold. I also have many memories of playing there. I hope they are able too keep it.
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  12. Linda left her entire collection of photographs (when she passed she left a lifetime collection of work to be sure) to the TCU Library. That would be a heck of a collection to see.
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  13. Yes it is and that's good to know, thanks. Too bad that I am seldom on campus these days, which also makes me wonder about this fall. I really hope that there is a way I can go to games then.
  14. That state quarterfinal game in 1973 with Earl also featured for Arlington Heights future NFL players too. TCU/Oilers/Cowboys WR Mike Renfro & A&M/Eagles kicker Tony Franklin. Heck of a show, anyway, Earl won!
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  15. According to "12 Mighty Orphans" Farrington field was named for FWISD first Athletic Director, who also live in the house at 2600 Waits.
  16. I went to school with the the nephew of the man Farrington Field was named
    for and according to him his uncle was the Superintendent of FWISD.
  17. She tooked a pitcher of me playin ball and put it in the Startlegram. In 1968. Right after the civil war.
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  18. I'm not from the "Dallas area" so I don't have any reach back into Farrington history but the one experience I had there as a fan was horrid (non-functioning bathrooms, metal detectors and other security measures that caused some fans to not get into the stadium until the 2Q and broken glass in the field. This was so disappointing because I love the facade and had been excited about seeing a game there. I think they put in artificial turf the following season.
  19. Just saw that the FW School Board sold another $21 million of property today, but didn't include Farington Field. They did get rid of their main office building a few blocks north on University. Who knows what will go next.
  20. Yes, it’s a shame it’s owned by FWISD who haven’t kept it updated to compete with the new stadiums in the suburbs for playoffs, etc. It has good bones & could be updated like we did with Amon Carter Stadium. Can you imagine if it was transferred to the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show? I like what they did with Dickies Arena & they seem really well run.

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