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Fan Nation: TCU "Zeroed" In On SMU's Dykes As Next Head Coach


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Bob Woodward (remember him) writes in his new book that VP Pence called former VP Dan Quayle on January 5, 2021 who literally read the Constitution to Pence. Pence "tried to ride two horses" by attemting not to violate the Constitution while appeasing the former would be dictator.

Yep, ignorance plus power is the legacy of the tRump presidency, but you keep attacking the Messenger of the Truth.
You are a lawyer - you wouldn’t know the truth if it ran over you in the middle of the street….assuming you are any good that is….

I realize you have lost the ability to understand this concept - but the profession you practice everyday degrades your ability to determine the truth due to the need to make that “truth” fit your agenda

I run into this problem daily with my wife and son - both of which are unfortunately attorneys - and the rest of us just laugh at them when they talk about “facts”


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I wish I knew, but anything is better then the last two elections. Heaven forbid we actually get people on both sides who actually try to do the right thing instead of just trying to sabotage each other. I lean towards former military hoping they can stay focused on the objectives instead of the political crap.