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Ewers visiting TCU tomorrow…

Double V

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Look guys, this is EXACTLY why he chose tOSU in the first place! The kid (or his parents/advisors) are scheissing brilliant. Why only take ONE bite at the apple when you can take two?! Honestly, this should be yhe new model for top recruits. Commit to a big school where you REALLY want to be, flip last-minute to the highest bidder, spend Freshman year on the bench (pretty common), then enter the Portal and let your suitors line up AGAIN, this time with even more $$$$$$$$$$! I think he's genius, and hope he comes here and gets @Sweat Equity to pay him 8 figures!

Palliative Care

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I know let’s get into a bidding war with Texas and once the money goes so stupid high, back out. They will snuggly think they won but we take our money and shop for multiple lower cost players. The whole thing is incredibly insane.


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First round NFL money and still a free agent at the end of year one? Or did they include a 50% increase if he finishes year two? Or…….?


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This is exactly why I don't want him. I just feel like he would be way too high maintenance and cause more trouble than he is worth.

More reasons as to why NIL is killing college sports. Good idea in theory, horrible in execution, as we all saw coming.
They should have put in some sort of retirement program not AKA as cash.


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And now he isn't even playing football. What a dummy. Shoulda played school. Apparently he's writing a book though, about his time at OSU. Lord only knows what that will entail.
With words and everything?

I remember driving down the road one day some many years ago, and Paul Finebaum was giving a slobbering, sickening interview with Gene Chizik about he and his wife's upcoming "Children's Book" they were writing. All I could think of was "A children's book?!? Well, that's about his level, after all..." Chizik was (and still is) a moron who would have trouble stringing whole sentences together, much less a coherent whole, and that any book produced by such an imbecile had best be paint-by-numbers or something of that nature...