ESPN Hemorrhaging

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  1. well that fixes everything
  2. Doubt it.

    But she should be fired for being a horrible broadcaster. Fine, they want a black woman in that role. Got no problem with that. Sage Steele can run circles around her AND she has shown competency with the English language.
  3. Cari Champion FTW

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  4. This right here:

    But why do people tune in to ESPN? “In my opinion, it’s not to hear about Charlottesville,” Steele told "The Dan Patrick Show." Rather “it’s about the games, it’s about the highlights. Let’s show some standings. Let’s talk about what’s coming up tonight,” adding that “I’m just old, I guess, old-school.”

    Steele, who has never been afraid to voice her opinions, hopes to see ESPN’s style revert to the days when Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann hosted "SportsCenter" -- and coverage revolved around sports.

    “As a viewer, I want to see the highlights, I want to hear from Rich Hill,” said Steele. “That’s what I want as a viewer, and that’s what I believe most viewers want when they turn to ESPN, is less of this.”
  5. Couldn't date a chick who could potentially dunk on me in a pick up game. Would change the dynamic of the relationship indefinitely.

    That said, legs.for.days.
  6. No real need. Send letters and emails to the advertisers. Tell them you don't care what ESPN's political slant is, you don't want to see it on the air. Tell them you don't tune into any sports channel to hear politics, and until ESPN gets rid of the political crap, you'll be watching Fox Sports.

    If the advertisers start applying pressure, it will be 1,000x more effective than any direct viewer pressure and ESPN will fold like a cheap suit. Their own stockholders will demand it -- or else.
  7. there's a difference between political views and libel.

  8. How do you watch a game that is only on ESPN??? I am trying to find the best way to finally give Direc TV the shove over the cliff. College football is what I really enjoy..........wont PAY to go to any NFL game and if I happen to be where a game is on, I will watch.
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  9. Sage Steele's father was a bull colonel (I believe) in the regular army. A buddy of mine said he was his favorite CO in the army. Said he was also the first black football player at a West Point too, if I am not mistaken. So her love of country comes from a a place of service...
  10. On the air? I thought she sent a tweet? I guess I haven't been following that closely.
  11. Now they are taking Gameday to NYC next weekend? Anything to avoid the B12. That company is a bunch of clowns. The biggest CFB show there is with only 14 weekends to showcase the passion of college sports on campus and you take it to the least passionate CFB city. SMH.
  12. And then they pick NYC for Gameday next weekend. smfh
  13. Probable guest picker Bill DeBlasio.
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  14. Everyone here hates ESPN, they hate Kirk Herbstreit and Rece Davis is a total prick. And then we all get all pissed when they don't bring their Gameday Show to one of our games. Something doesn't really add up there.
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  15. laughed. He probably doesn't know what a football is.
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  16. Go suck Kirk's buckeye.

    Edit. And I couldn't care less if they went to stillwater. But NYC? smh

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