ESPN Hemorrhaging

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  1. Gameday, that's a good one. I used to watch that almost every Saturday too but I hardly ever do anymore. Not because I have anything against the guys on the show or against the show in general, I just don't really care for it and I'm not exactly sure why. There's only so much that can be said I guess and you get beat upside the head with analysis and meaningless polls, rankings and CFP projections nonstop, it's just overkill. I feel like the pot calling the kettle black but at least on here you're talking to people interested in the same team and you have your own soap box to get on.
  2. I enjoy Gameday when TCU is good. That's about it.
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  3. I enjoy Gameday only when Lee Corso is providing in depth analysis.
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  5. They need to leave politics out of it. Soon FOX SPORTS will just roll them. I hope. They have just gone to crap in the past few years. It is like someone flipped a switch and a laser beam of suck instantly blasted out of the screen.

    When the Holtz, Mark May after show ended/Chris went to the box to call games point of the timeline. It is just plain bad.
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  6. " You just summed up (ESPN's) entire sorry career here in one sentence!"
  7. What, exactly is "historical" about those 2 coaches???

    Also, I am certain Dipp was not a minority in Caliexico, CA in 2001...Per the 2000 Census, persons of Hispanic or Latino Origin (assuming that is how he identifies) were 95.27% of Caliexico's population. Also, is growing up "in the American environment" the same as growing up in America?
  8. I am sure she will not. First, ESPN is wacky left now and probably agrees with her despite their lame statement. Just one of several reasons she will keep her job.
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  9. You forgot ONE thing ESPN does well: The 30 for 30 series. But, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  10. Hmmmmmm. Read between the lines.
  11. Boom. Or should I say...pop
  12. So skip Bayless, shannon sharpe, Colin cowherd, Jason Whitlock are somehow better than hill? Come on. ESPN is bad now due to politics, fox sports is terrible! And they laid off most of their sports reporters instead of cutting one of their "personalities."

    I would cut my ears off than listen to any of those clowns.
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  14. And here are his thoughts
  15. ESPN repeatedly warned Curt Schilling to stop political rants and he didn't after being warned/written reprimand on 4 different occasions. If Hill does it after today, then she will meet the same fate as they get only one free pass now.
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  16. Prior to this she did compare rooting for the Celtics with rooting for Hitler, recommended Packer fans throw batteries at Brett Farve when he returned to play with the Vikings, and compared Calipari with Charles Manson.

    None political in nature, but all fairly outlandish. The difference is Schilling was just an extra piece of furniture on the set and She is a centerpiece to their prime time show.

  17. Exactly, people forget how bad Schilling was. He had multiple chances, such a double standard. With that said sports and politics should never mix.
  18. So I guess she gets a pass on all of her political rants on the American terrorism of the LBGT community and the 2000 years of Christianity as a violent religion? Don't defend the indefensible. It's far better, more honest, and more accurate that ESPN just prefers to advance a certain point-of-view. Personally I think they are as entitled to that position as I am to choose not to watch.
  19. The difference is that the brass agrees with her.

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