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ESPN: All 23 transfer QBs ranked

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jake102, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. Is it okay to blame Cumbie for such a pick??
  2. maybe except gary wanted delton
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  3. Hopefully Saturday opened his eyes to the possibility that he was wrong.
  4. i ran through the pass plays only in the first half and tcu offense in the second half and there was a marked difference in duggan in that second half.

    you have been saying positive things, jeremy did in his podcast, and i saw some very positive things.

    yes he missed davis on what should have been a touchdown, had reagor deep, and missed some shorter throws as well, but you could see him reading the coverage and finding the open receiver from the first series of the third quarter on.

    tough part is there are going to be more growing pains and so more ugly moments. there were signs to be positive for a player in his third college game
  5. Blame Cumbie for taking a running QB from KSU? Highly doubtful
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  6. SMU trades away a POS Hicks and comes away with a solid QB. SMH

    Didn't we offer Buchelle?
    We seem too concerned with dual threat guys.
  7. UT would have never allowed that.
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  8. Don't think they get a say. Buchelle is a grad transfer.
  9. Yes, they can. OU originally tried to deny Kendall but relented to public pressure. There is no way Mensa would have allowed it. We only got Delton because K State said he could come.
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  10. Don't worry. GP will just grow 'em, uh...coach 'em, uh...nevermind.

    Same signals, same offense (or lack thereof) and now a questionable defense (except for the middle). At least we got beer and that no re-entry rule put in place, so I guess that's progress. What a kick in the nads. Still optimistic we turn it around, but I'm sure glad I picked the Purdue nonconference game to attend.
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  11. What are you basing Steve Buechelle’s* son on? I live in The Fort and never heard of him in high school, he was dismal at tx..... yes he has better coaches now but I don’t think anyone expected this progress. He was up for us and had it circled..... let’s see if he keeps it up. I’m happy with Duggan and his ability, once the game slows down he will be special.
  12. I don't get badmouthing Delton. Good kid, good leader, good QB... Maybe not a top D1, but certainly capable and an asset. He's a load better than the Robinson cancer... Who I don't see on the list...

    The team is going with the future and I understand that. I hope Duggan succeeds and is great. It would be awesome to have another long-term QB.

    Don't forget neither Dalton nor Boykin were lights out out is the box... There was zero glimpse of Boykin greatness before he and Doctson went wild.... And zero at the end too.
  13. Where's Tathan on this list. Shouldn't he be #24?
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  14. Shane Buechele was much better at Texas than Delton was at Kansas State. Personally, if I'm taking a grad transfer QB, I'll try to take the one who has been better so far. To be fair, Delton has been much worse so far at TCU than he was at K-State.
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  15. I don't think Kendall was a grad transfer though. He just wanted to transfer. As I understand it once you graduate you can go anywhere you want.
  16. Plus, I believe Buechele is only a junior eligibility-wise. He'll be at SMU next year as well.
  17. That game was the first real experience for Duggan. Against Purdue all he did was hand the ball off. Reps and experience and he starts to show improvement. Same with the receivers.
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  18. Haven’t seen anyone questioning his character, just his game play. Is what it is. This level is a bit too much for him.

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