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ESPN 150 greatest coaches in college football

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. https://www.espn.com/college-footba...est-coaches-college-football-150-year-history

    Gary Patterson #74

    74. Gary Patterson, 172-70
    TCU (2000-present)

    Patterson has the rare distinction of winning conference titles (and being named Coach of the Year) in three different leagues at the same school. He shepherded the Horned Frogs from Conference USA to the Mountain West to the Big 12. His teams have won six league titles, posted seven top-10 finishes and played in 17 bowl games in his 20 seasons. In 2010, TCU went 13-0 and defeated Wisconsin 21-19 in the Rose Bowl.

    Dutch Meyer #135

    135. Leo (Dutch) Meyer, 109-79-13
    TCU (1934-52)

    If your resume includes two of the most distinguished quarterbacks in college football history, then you were obviously doing something right. But Meyer didn't just develop all-timers Sammy Baugh and Davey O'Brien. He won 109 games in 19 seasons at his alma mater, including three Southwest Conference titles and the 1938 national championship.
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  3. Frogs also won the 1935 NC after New Years bowl games when number 1 SMU lost in the Rose Bowl. We won Sugar Bowl.
  4. the fact gene stallings is on that list is bad enough, but ahead of a guy like bill yoeman who built the houston program out of nothing and is the father of the veer offense is a joke.

    mack brown is too high and a few others. heck, how is dabo that damn high for a less than 10 year run.
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  5. Of the active coaches CGP is #5 and top in B12 (only other one is Miles).

  6. how the hell is brian kelly #89? seriously
  7. Hello? Notre Dame gets you an auto mention. Notice gazillionaire Jimbo ranks below GP.
  8. scheiss Nick Saban.
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  9. If GP has 5 more years of +.500 football and you throw in a couple 10 win seasons and the ever elusive national championship (very lofty) then I think he jumps all the way into the top 35. Take someone like John Robinson (132-77-4) at #33 at an institution like USC and compare it to GP going something like 210-86 at a place like TCU. A boy can dream.
  10. Dabo isn’t too high.

    He’s 130-30 and has won 2 national championships. If the coach after Gary wins 2 national championships at TCU we better rename the city of Fort Worth after him.
  11. how do you place dabo that much higher then urban?

    obviously cheating and off the field issues don"t matter so how do you rank him above a guy who won 3 national titles at 2 schools and won major bowl games at 3 schools

    think dabo definitely belongs on that list, but is what he did significantly better than urban or the job snyder did at kstate?

    another guy who should be on that list for what he did at the lower levels is jim wacker .

    wacker won 4 national titles at 2 different schools, went to the national semi-finals twice at another and posted an 8 win season at tcu before he got punished for someone else's sins
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  12. Unbeeelievble.
  13. Fort Sonny?
  14. Hot take but Saban is overrated. Switch him and GP and GP would be ranked 2nd
  15. Cumbieburg.
  16. Doofusville.

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