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Equipment sale question

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by 82Frog, May 11, 2021.

  1. Is it worth getting there early?. . like 6am? . . . Do they sell out of helmets fast? I was wanting to bag a couple.
  2. They don't have Showgirl or Cheer gear, oh wait, that wasn't the question...
  3. I haven't done it in so long I can't really get you good information one way or the other. I am planning to go early as well, but I won't be able to stay past 10 as I need to attend a funeral at 11 and coach my son's t-ball game right after that. If I can't be one of the first in line then I'll be hosed. I'd imagine the helmets will be one of the items that lasts the longest. From memory most of the cheaper items get snapped up first.
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  4. This is true. Last sale I went late because it was pouring that morning and I had too much firewater the night before to get up at 5am. Helmets were still available later. Backpacks, bats, jerseys, not so much.
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  5. Hard to say.

    Two years ago, I got there around 6:45am and there was already a pretty long line. The sale began at 8am (this year it's 9am), and I probably didn't get in until about 9:45am (I just went back and looked at the time stamp of old photos to confirm). The line moved miserably slow because they were pretty strict on how many people they let in at a time (which was nice when you were finally in there).

    To answer your main question though, there were still plenty of helmet options by the time I got in almost 2 hours after the sale had started.

    I'd love to get another helmet to add to my collection, but the thought of sitting in a line for hours again just sounds downright miserable. And with mysterious covid polices in place, I imagine they'll require useless masks and the line will move even more slowly this year.
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  6. if all you're going for is a helmet, they have them for sale at home games all the time, usually with an autograph on them for considerably less at auction than they are selling these. that alternate helmet we murdered UT in is selling for $750. i would be willing to bet you can get one with an autograph for $500 during the season.
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  7. I’m looking for a soccer coach shirt.
  8. What they sell at games aren't real helmets. They're cheaply made replicas.
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  9. Collared or T-shirt?
  10. Can't imagine standing in line for three plus hours wearing a mask. Hopefully they will just require them in the room.
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  11. FIFY.
  12. Anyone know what the line is currently like for the equipment sale? 10:05am
  13. Stopped by there at 9:30 and the line was pretty long.
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  14. How long did you have to wait? Or did you decide to pass.
  15. Should be there in 20 if anyone wants update then
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  16. The only thing I’d want is a purple chrome helmet (or white with purple chrome mask). I assume those are gone if you’re not camping out
  17. I passed . . .just didn't want to spend the entire morning standing in line. Next year I'll be there eeeeearly
  18. Update?
  19. I live about 15 min away. Would consider heading over if there’s still some decent stuff
  20. There’s currently no line to get in. Still lots of decent stuff.

    Line to checkout looks like it’s gonna take about an hour…

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