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END RACISM painted on campus

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Shorty, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. The same could be said for many posters on here that you neglected to mention. You are singling him out because he doesn’t agree with your politics. How is that self righteous?
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  2. Said the guy whose first two posts in this thread singled out posters because he didn't agree with their politics. The total lack of self awareness some of you have is staggering.
  3. Don’t forget about our enemies using Twitter bots and fake Facebook accounts to stir up anger and misinformation about basically everything

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  4. Dunning Krueger effect...
  5. I've done plenty of disagreeing with things on the so called "other side" of you and Dirtbag. It's not my fault you don't notice those times.
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  7. I want to issue a pre-emptive apology to Crypto for making light of the Plague - which caused the death of countless millions. I know you're very offended by those types of things.
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  8. Have yet to see him not sweat.
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  9. There you go singling people out again.
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  10. As opposed to Moose Stuff who firmly recognizes his lack of ability in most all areas. Especially baseball.

    Great, now I'm talking in 3rd person.
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  11. Damn right, ESPECIALLY baseball!
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  12. 98% of us agree that pumpkin pancakes taste like [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ].
  13. scheisser
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  14. I wasn’t talking to you. I know that your dream job is to be the moderator on this forum. Keep trying, maybe someday you will get there Moose!
  15. Said the guy whose posts to people who weren't talking to him prompted my initial response.
  16. I planned with administration approval... You know like a rebel that calls his mom to pick up in the minivan after protesting.
  17. I don’t think it’s meant to be rebellious, more unifying. Would you prefer they just spray paint something on the side of a building at night? Getting approval, planning, and coordinating things is not usually easy.
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    There are a couple posters who occasionally need to get called out for being [ Arschloch]s from time to time. Their majority point of view status here creates a safe space for them to the point of naïveté or unnecessary brashness, so a little dose of their own condescending, dismissive, [ Arschloch]ry is good for them.
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  19. Tbh there is rarely a post you won’t respond to.
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