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END RACISM painted on campus

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Shorty, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. I'm gonna summarize this thread. So we stay on track and Hollins and his teamates good work don't get pitted.

    The only way through this life and to opportunity is Love. None of us are getting out of this one alive. So better pull each other through.

    And the younger generations are not the first to think of this or affect changes. Not to push religion, but Dr. King put it on the line.

    Someone mentioned Rev. Graham earlier. Well, if you want to know what he actually said and how he viewed it, here is a good summary.


    The one thing about Graham's passing in recent years is that he was reunited with his old friend who was taken way too early.

    ok, so I did not really summarize this thread exactly, but you know we were all thinking it.

    https://billygraham.org/story/5-responses-from-billy-graham-on-race-social-inequality/ Third from bottom paragraph.
  2. At one time, when someone wrote Black Lives Matter on a street or building, it was a message. It had meaning. It was a cry for justice and respect. Now, when it happens, it is just a brand. It’s about the organization. The message has been lost. Regarding the message, of course black lives matter. In fact, lives matter? Remember, we are all the same color beneath the skin...the same muscles and blood.
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fok baylor!!
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  3. Another way to view end racism:

  4. He's tweeted some.
  5. Were they doing an 80's night theme or something. Some vibant colors there.
  6. yeah, I thought I had seen some.
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  7. If they're like most college co-eds, it might be as simple as that's all they had what was clean at the moment. Especially if it was a Sunday night.

    Spitballin' here.
  8. It's been deleted then because there is nothing on his timeline in over a week.
  9. All we need is love. And beer. And a new pic on the Front Porch thread.
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  10. He’s a real concern to me. No coach is closer to his players and it’s been reported that the kids in his position group are taking it the hardest.
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  11. So perhaps it's as simple as him respecting both his head coach AND his players by not commenting at all. Makes total sense and wouldn't be any reason for concern IMO.
  12. Sometimes the time investment to read past page 1 doesn't pay off.

    For those that still remember the original post, given the location they painted, I think it would've been spiffy for them to have used purple paint.

    Glad to see the positive action from our student-atheletes.
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  13. Sure. It could be nothing but it safe to say no coach on staff is in a tougher damage control position. Hopefully it’s all good.
  14. No coach on staff better equipped to handle it based on my impression of Z as a person.
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  15. That’s for sure
  16. THIS is very true. I think most reasonable people in this country agree on around 98% of issues but the social media, 24/7 news stations, and talk radio people spend almost every second of every day blasting us all over the head with that 2% that people disagree on. Even worse, it's not just a matter of disagreement for most - you're just an idiot or a terrible person if you hold a differing opinion.
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  17. I think you make a lot of good arguments on here but self-righteous stuff like this is what upsets people more than your differing points of view imo.
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    I think I saw GP in one of the photos sweating because he was painting with such vigor!
  19. That’s rich coming from you.
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