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END RACISM painted on campus

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Shorty, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. looks like it’s painted right on the sidewalk to me. They just painted the background first. Looks like sidewalk is concrete with brick border but I haven’t seen it in person recently enough to remember.
    Also, how Would it not be planned if you are gonna shut down the sidewalk and get all those folks to show up?
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  2. [​IMG]

    Hard to fit this on a sidewalk, but I wholeheartedly agree
  3. Because it was.

  4. interesting comments from a formula 1 driver who had kneeled for the prior 3 races of the season, but opted to stand last weekend at the great britian grand prix:

    "Kevin Magnussen has explained why he did not take a knee ahead of the British Grand Prix last weekend - when he had done so in the previous three races.

    The Dane decided to stand with the other six drivers ahead of the race at Silverstone for the anti-racism message.

    The Haas F1 driver had previously explained his concerns that the gesture of kneeling is associated with the Black Lives Matter organisation.

    And ahead of the race this weekend, he says he now wants to separate himself from supporting a political organisation, but says he is committed to supporting the anti-racism messaging.

    He said: “I think in terms of standing or kneeling, I want to make sure that I’m with the messaging of ending racism."

    i realize i am one of the few on this board who follows f1 and this was done outside the eyes of most american sports fans, but i find it interesting we are stating to hear indiviudals support the cause, but question the politics of the organization
  5. I watch every F1 race, but I haven’t paid attention to their political gestures because they’re all little Communists

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  6. That's not what he said.
  7. What a pathetic response. You can disagree with him without going full idiot.
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    Go eat your penis cookies.

    I kid, but your perspective on BLM is dumb.
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  9. One would think this was the case, since the BLM movement has been embraced by millions of well-meaning people, and the organization with the same name represents a tiny sliver of those folks—and few know or have reason to care what their unrelated policy planks are.

    But when you are actually uncomfortable with the broader coalition’s message, you will desperately try to discredit the entire movement by highlighting the nonrepresentative minority. Criticizing others is easy, and actual reflection is hard.
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  10. Generally agree. And you are among the worst.
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  11. Proud of Kellton and fully support him and his message. He’s 100% right.

    Anyone who has a problem with this needs to seriously get a grip.
  12. Yes, I don’t agree with BLM the organization and everything they stand for. I obviously agree that Black Lives Matter.
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  13. I swear this generation doesn't know the difference between prejudice and racism.

    Prejudice is human nature; it’s not bigotry or racism. We all hold prejudices. Prejudice is when a person negatively pre-judges another without getting to know the beliefs, thoughts and feelings of that person. All people have prejudices because we all have attitudes and beliefs about other things and people. Prejudices can be negative or positive (i.e. when people hold positive stereotypes about members of other groups - we all have a positive prejudice of TCU people and sports). Prejudice can be corrected or changed through conversations and understanding. Also it’s not systemic in that it’s not affecting peoples livelihood or access to resources.

    Bigotry and racism, however, imply intentional hatred. Belief of unequal distribution of power on the basis of race. It’s more systemic because of the power structures in this country. Racism can include prejudice but also discrimination and antagonizing.

    Anyways, that is all I'm going to say.
  14. Just IMO, but the entire problem we've had since late May (and really, long before that), is that we've been doing little else than attempting to discredit groups by highlighting the nonrepresentative minority on both sides.
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  15. This!
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  16. Sorry gang. I'm not apologizing for being white (or purple) and I'm not virtue-signaling by supporting racist causes like painting racial slogans on streets and campuses and blaming whites (isn't that racism?) for modern-day contrivances of racism. And with regard to the designation BLM, if Marxist-anarchists citing the Little Sisters of the Poor (LSP) start to loot and kill under the banner of LSP, and the Sisters remain silent, I'd suspect people would see them negatively.
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  17. You got all of that from, “End Racism”?
  18. “Contrivances”? Give me a freaking break.
  19. I mean, after all Black people are the only group that experience prejudice....

    my 100% Native American wife says you can KMA if you think focusing on BLM fixes the racism issue in our country

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