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END RACISM painted on campus

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Shorty, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. Seems to be lead by Kellton Hollins. Many other athletes and students involved. There's a picture of GP in there too.

  2. Great stuff!
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  3. I am okay with it, as long as it didn’t say the other thing.
  4. So you are cool with an anti racist message as long as it doesn’t specifically support Black folks? Great thinking.
  5. Stupid reply but expected. Someone had to start
  6. The problem is that BLM (while a perfectly fine phrase on its own) has been hijacked by an anti-American, Marxist organization that fundamentally wants to uproot everything that America stands for.

    Because of this, I think it was very smart to choose "End Racism" instead of the extremely politically charged and divisive alternative.

  7. Sure and 9/11 was a hit job Mr Q Anon/TCU
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    I can see your point, but I feel like most educated adults can separate the slogan from the group.

    Kind of similar to Trump stealing Make America Great slogan from Reagan campaign. Then alt right groups took the slogan to support racist ideals; poisons the whole MaGa hat for the small number of non racists who just want to wear a silly hat.
  10. Love the idea and the specific words used which encompasses the dignity and value of all races. Glad they didn’t use the BLM-political-party slogan.
  11. Racism can not be ended

    Every human is racist to some degree. Every human harbors racist bias. Even bleeding heart liberals. In fact bleeding heart liberals are more racist in my opinion because of their soft bigotry of low expectations.

    The only difference among racism in humans is how open one is to others about it.

    As long as cultures and society are mulitcultural and diverse, racism will never end. It's about as realistic as ending poverty worldwide or worldwide peace.
  12. Dumb
  13. How does saying BLM is a marxist organization make him a Q Anon conspiracy theorist? We have it on video, a BLM leader saying that they are trained marxists in an interview. Right there.

    Calling everyone who you disagree with a Q Anon type makes you look like a fool
  14. So in a nutshell you are a racist (which you have proven multiple times on this site). I’m trying hard to understand the context here with your word salad.

    are you saying everyone is as bat [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] crazy and racist as you?
  15. doesn't mean you don't strive to a better result

    what it does mean to me is that it is something you will also have to deal with
  16. So is burning bibles and American flags
  18. Why does this look planned to me? Did they paint it on a tarp?
  19. from what i can read, it was planned by hollins and a few others
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