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Election 2020

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. But then where would people drop off wheelbarrows full of community ballots?
  2. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/is-don-blankenship-really-surging-in-west-virginia/

    I don't know if we know if that is the case or not. Most internal polls are not released, and I couldn't find anywhere where someone studied the comparison of internal and external polls. I do agree with the conclusion of the above article that internal polls that are released/leaked probably are done to influence the narrative about a particular race in some way (usually to make it seem like an underdog candidate is close in order to raise donations, would be my best guess).
  3. Why limit the locations where you can turn them in? Why make it more difficult?
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  4. They are not limited. They are MAIL IN ballots. People can go to any neighborhood post office to mail them. There being extra drop off sites is unnecessary.
  5. Because it just makes it a bigger pain in the ass to administer. Why the need to make it any easier? Anyone who is remotely interested in voting can easily vote. Period. All it takes is just a tiny bit of effort. And someone who isn't the slightest bit interested in voting shouldn't be voting IMO.
  6. Republicans:
    Vote by mail isn’t safe! (Cites no evidence)

    Also Republicans:
    Defund USPS. Go to court to make sure as few votes cast by mail will be counted as possible.

    Logical people:
    Look, the fraud claims are not true. And since you’re trying to not count mail ballots here’s an alternative where people can drop off their ballots *in person.* (secure and timely!)

    No! [throws temper tantrum]

    Why? Because it’s never been about election security. It’s always been about voter suppression.
  7. the mail in ballot fear of the republicans isn’t about fraud - because there is no proof fraud. it’s a nonstarter that has been created to hide the real reason: republicans want voter turnout as low as possible. thats all there is to it.
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  8. And people who aren't the slightest bit interested in voting that they won't put even a little tiny bit of effort into it shouldn't be voting IMO. This kind of stuff is about ballot harvesting, plain and simple.
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  9. I kind
    Republicans definitely benefit from lower turnout, don't think there is any debate about that. Can't really overtly suppress it- that would be undemocratic, but they get around it by suppressing voter "fraud". It's a pretty good strategy, really.
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  10. They don't suppress in any way people who actually want to vote.
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  11. I got 3 ballots in the mail for the California primary. What was stopping me from filling out the other 2 ballots not addressed to me and dropping them off?
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  13. [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ].
  14. Case in point:
  15. Government employees voting for their own survival there.
  16. Wouldn’t it benefit those in line to have additional locations to place their vote?
  17. There are things that can be done to make it easier to vote and things that make it harder. The things that make it harder will result in less people voting while the things that make it easier will result in more people voting.

  18. Oh, please. You have no high ground when there is momentum in your party to end the electoral college, add DC and Puerto Rico as states, and stack the Supreme Court, fully knowing that ALL of those will stack the balance of power to the Democrats side forever.
  19. heres my assumption: poor people generally don’t vote as much as non poor people. poor people want government handouts. democrats would give them the most so that’s the way they will vote. similar to how a rich person votes R to save taxes. maybe my assumption is off.

    btw - fans of government handouts should love trump. he’s overseen the largest deficits and levels of federal spending ever. The government has never been bigger or spent more. so I’m not really sure what R’s are afraid of.
  20. I think it's plenty easy to vote for anyone that is interested in doing so. It was plenty easy to vote in 2016, no reason to change.

    I'll turn the tables on you. Let's just say in a hypothetical anyone can vote anywhere anytime, very little if any restrictions. Huge voter turnout, right? Great, huh? You think that would be a good thing? You don't think that would result in massive fraud?

    I just don't see the benefit to have a bunch of people voting who really aren't interested in voting.
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