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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. you don’t think it’s a false claim that biden would turn Minnesota into a refugee camp?
  2. From my studies, I was told that journalists, unless writing an editorial, should report but not interpret the news.
  3. lol
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  4. they are reporting it’s a false claim, because it is. it is factual that it was a false statement. There’s no opinion or interpretation in that.

    now if biden had a policy that turned MN into a refugee camp then that’s another thing. But that’s a policy that doesn’t exist and is a blatantly false claim.

    your issue should be with a leader who blatantly lies versus a newspaper that identifies falsehoods.
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  5. What did he mean by that statement? I doubt that it was a literal statement. I didn't hear the context. Did you?

    Regardless, I want the news media to report what a candidate says, not tell me what to think about it.

    You've managed to politicize this, when I'm simply saying that a news story shouldn't include this level of commentary. That's what "fact check" sidebars are for.
  6. at what point can we take trumps words literally? you bring up something trump said to a supporter and it’s immediately - oh he didn’t mean that, oh he didn’t know what that is.

    I’m glad other people have figured out when they can take him literal and when they can’t.
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  7. Weird how Dems can go from being racist to non-racist over night just by saying they aren't. But conservatives can't.
  8. You obviously didn't hear the context of what he said, and neither did I. I'm fairly sure he didn't make some long statement about how Biden was making a plan to build facilities to turn Minnesota into a refugee camp.

    I'm dropping this line of discussion, but again, a newspaper story that says:

    Governor Abbott made a correct/incorrect decision to declare a statewide mask mandate.

    Should not include the bolded part.
  9. so whether or not we can take trump literally depends on the length of the statement? how many sentences is it before something becomes literal and he can be held accountable and the claim can be called false?
  10. I hope you find a cure for your TDS.

    And I hope you are smart enough to decide on your own whether Trump's statements are true or false, without having a supposed journalist tell you he made a false claim without telling you what he said, without context, and why it was wrong.

    As I said, that's not what I learned journalism to be.

    Edit: and here's Biden making a false claim, and someone on Twitter showing why it is false.

  11. Kool Aid is strong here
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  12. I'm still waiting to hear why all old white men are horrible people but one old white man that has been in government for almost 50 years and somehow became a millionaire is good.

    Particularly one that says [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] like: ".....you ain't black." What a demeaning and racist statement. But hey, it came from Joe so it's all good. scheissing hypocrites.
  13. I addressed this and said it was troubling.

    What do you have to say about the information regarding trump?
  14. So your opinion is that the news should just be a megaphone for propaganda?

    If one person says X but 100 other people say Y, should the news just report X because the 100 people contradicting that person is "fact checking?"
  15. This ignores the fact that 95% of the media are Democrat sock puppets. You are always going to have 100 contradictions to anything Trump says. What the media needs to do is just report both sides equally with no spin or emphasis and let people decide. I’m guessing you allow social media to inform your decisions. Good luck with that.
  16. No. The news should report facts. Just tell me what someone said. If you think they said something false, tell me what they said and I can make my own decision.

    Are you saying you can't interpret what someone says on your own?

  17. I mean a 20% chance is a decent chance of something happening. That's just a little less than the MLB average for getting a hit.
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  18. Oftentimes, these are not the same thing.

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