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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. I mean no disrespect by this but your family seems cursed with being shot. hopefully there aren’t any more incidents.
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  2. I think there’s a fair distinction to be made in here. Trump himself has a base of loyal supporters that would walk through a fire with broken glass and grenades. Biden really doesn’t. Now, there are Democrats that feel that strongly—but that’s loyalty based on party /policy/platform and not the individual himself.
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  3. No room for nuance. Gotta check the tweets to own the libs.
  4. Trump voters are way more motivated by fear of the vision Democrats have for this country than Donald Trump the candidate. You are way off base IMO.
  5. I’ve seen a clip where Biden unequivocally denounced violence.

    You don’t have to ask. He just does it. Because he has some semblance of morals and decency.
  6. think this meshes with what i have seen with local elections

    number of sitting republicans who are running for re-election or those running for a seat are selling themselves and their ability to work with the other side to come to "real solutions" etc.....instead of trying to ride trump's re-election

    likewise the sitting dems or those seeking office are selling the change wave and being "bi-partisan" and not working with biden

    trying to remember the last election where the local representatives have distanced themselves in the manner that they have from the presidential candidates
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  7. IMO 2016 Trump had a message: elect an outside/anti-corruption, immigration/build the wall, better trade/anti-globalism.

    His biggest problem is that it’s October-eve and he doesn’t have a message that works for telling people to vote for a sitting president. He’s not an outside, he has corruption issues of his own, he hasn’t built a wall, and the trade/anti-globalism stuff alone isn’t moving the needle in the middle of a global pandemic that isn’t going particularly well for him.
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  8. Both can be true. “Voters more motivated by fear of the vision [the other party] has for their country” exist on BOTH sides. My point was, setting those voters aide, there’s a lot more Trump ride or die voters than Biden ones.
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    Trump's a racist to be a father to black kids!

    Better yet, he's a white supremacist!
  10. Almost shot. He shot my Dad’s footlocker when he cleared his 1911 after guard duty.

    Some of my Dad’s friends on a different SeaBee team weren’t so lucky and received several Purple Hearts. They had discovered a VC weapons cache and were then harassed with sniper fire and mortars.
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  11. Maybe three years of fake "Russian collusion" attacks by the Dems and media pisses people off?
  12. I guess that was the point I was trying to make earlier. I imagine the number of those who are voting against the other party is largely equal. But Trump has an energized mass of loyal followers who love him and Biden doesn't. So this comes down to whether Biden can convince the group that is more moderate to get out to vote. Unfortunately, his campaign is running on the "COVID's gonna kill everyone" train (which polls well for him as an issue), so they are not doing the usual democrat strategy to get out the vote.

    Plus no one factors in all of the college campuses that are closed. I suspect Biden losses 10s or 100s of thousands of votes of teenagers who don't go vote because they are lazy and their friends/roommates are not there to drag them to the polls.
  13. This is just a complete assumption based on zero fact. And so your whole argument falls apart here at the top.

    It’s not like we don’t have a way/resource to see where voters are...
    I agree democrats should be concerned with Gen Z voter engagement levels. There’s no polling evidence that it’s going to be what swings the presidential election though. It’s obviously a bigger issue at Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina universities. How many of those schools aren’t in person? How many of those students aren’t elsewhere in the state? Numbers are smaller than you’d think, I bet.
  14. I mean, you're talking to people who were convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that Sandmann's "smirk" meant that he was a violent racist.
  15. No I'm actually not even remotely doing that. You're the one who suggested we should stop discussing it, not me.
  16. That whole story is still so bizzare. Kid standing there smirking while an old man is banging a drum in his face, and the kid not doing or saying anything is the problem?
  17. Don't count me among them. I'm disgusted that I have to vote for him. And no, there is no alternative in my opinion.
  18. I think this scenario has a reasonable chance of happening. Although with the last paragraph could that actually help young voter turnout if they are at home? I can only speak to mine in college- there's been a couple of step process to get her an absentee ballot. Would actually be simpler if she was at home and just walked to the polling station down the street.

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