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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. I saw one that said to take a shot every time Trump repeats the same word twice in a row, and to take a shot when Biden says, "Here's the deal."

    I probably would've died from Biden's side alone.
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  2. Percentage wise or pure numbers? It sure looks like there's going to be a lot more turnout this year, so I could see his total turnout being higher while his percentage stays the same or goes down.

    But I'm curious: who out of the minorities do you think is going to be voting for Trump this year? The thugs or the Mexican rapists?
  3. I'm not a rapist.
  4. I don’t think MS-13 can legally vote.
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  5. Good luck. [​IMG]
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  6. They need a lot more practice.
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  8. This whole Proud Boys "controversy" is absurd. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that, prior to the debate, Trump had never even heard of the Proud Boys. And yet the Democrats and TDS-afflicted Never-Trumpers like David French are acting like the Proud Boys are Trump's personal SS Guard.
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  9. I'm still waiting for a true debate.

    Having a Howler Monkey scream for an hour and a half, throw its poo at everyone in the room, and claim victory is not a debate.

    Anyone familiar with Trump knows he just spews crap from some obscure place in his mind. I just read several fact check articles and Trump got caught with continuous. False statements and no more than a misleading score on a couple of points.

    A seventh grader who makes the debate team understands the two minute rule.

    The only thing Trump did was prove he was and is not capable of following any restriction including the ones he agreed to follow.

    Trump is a sheet show.

    No, this was Trump being himself (an Azzhole) and a former Vice President trying to answer the questions posed by the moderator.

    Biden, God Bless him, has already agreed to continue with the next scheduled non-debate.

    If you like Trump, then you loved tonight.

    But he refused to debate anything because he is a political bafoon.
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    I would question your intelligence if you think that was anything other than awful from both those buffoons.
  11. I mean who gives a scheiss? He's directly denounced it several times. You're clinging to something because you WANT it to be a way bigger deal than it actually is.
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  12. Wait, are you alleging that during a debate the moderator asked a question and one of the candidates dodged the question? That's never happened before.
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  13. I'm voting for Trump. I watched maybe 15 minutes of that debate before I couldn't take any more. It was a total disgrace. For BOTH of them. I'll continue to vote because there are issues that are important to me but I'm just about 99% done with politics in this country. We should all be embarrassed.
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  14. If Trump had told Biden to shut up or called him a clown like Biden did, democrats would be going insane today.
  15. I think everyone is going insane today.
  16. if biden had behaved like trump did then any sensible democrat would say he deserved to be told that.
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  17. I thought it was a fairly normal debate format from biden, other than a few personal insults that weren’t needed. You may not agree with Biden’s policies and stances but he had the better performance by far. but then again, an empty podium would have had a better performance than Trump.
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  18. you’re right - it’s not a big deal at all that POTUS won’t denounce white supremacist groups and instead tells them to standby. couple that with his claims of a fraudulent election, which are a conspiracy theory at best. So you’re right, it’s a mountain out of a molehill.
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  19. "We're better than this" FinanceFrog

    That lasted about 30 seconds.

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