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Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. No, it doesn't. It just shows how deranged/crazy guys like you are by still arguing that's a thing.

    Like I said weeks or months ago, and you disagreed with, I bet he's going to get a larger percentage of the minority vote than you think he will. I feel good about my stance, but keep telling yourself he's a racist that's going to run everyone off.
  2. “A larger percentage of the minority vote than you think” are interesting goal posts. Who cares? Trump is going to lose. Thank God.
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  3. He squirmed during the question. There’s video.

    We’re going to have to agree to disagree.
  4. So good.
  5. "Who cares?"

    That was a question that was asked, you answered (as did I), and those votes can make a difference. I'm sure you care. My point on this particular topic is if that Trump is really a racist, he wouldn't get a larger portion of the minority vote, right? That seems to be pretty cut-and-dry to me.
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    I mean, did you even watch the debate? As soon as he was asked if he'd denounce that he said "Sure. Sure." There's video evidence on my DVR of that, but not that Axiom clip (or whatever it was) you posted.

    You sound silly clinging to this bit.

    Edit - "he squirmed" JFC. That's what you're hanging your hat on, eh? Guess that squirm means he's a white supremacist, despite his words and actions. Man...
  7. Where was funny Trump in this debate? I actually think that plays well. He was just mean and rude Trump.
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  8. “Trump gets some minority votes and therefore isn’t racist” is an interesting post hoc ergo propter hoc take.
  9. Deflect, deflect, deflect...

    Bet I'm still right when it's all said and done.

    I'll throw this one out to you like I did to ifrog before he bailed on all of this talk: bet you $1k Trump gets more of the minority vote than he did in 2016, which you said he wouldn't. You in?
  10. I watched the entire debate. I wasn’t the one who posted the axios clip. That clip shows the whole exchange btw.

    You’re arguing a point I’m not making, I didn’t say he was racist, I didn’t say he was a white supremacist. Again, I said he failed to definitively denounce white supremacy. He shrugged his shoulders and said sure, then went on a rant about antifa and the left. The question was about white supremacy.

    His response empowered white supremacists.
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    Pointing out fallacy isn’t deflection but nice use of repetition, I guess.

    A couple things:
    (1) I didn’t say Trump wouldn’t get more minority votes than he did last time. I disagreed with your statement that he would get “more votes than I think” - which like I said were weirdly subjective goal posts for you to set.
    (2) I’ve never said he’ll get the same or fewer minority votes than he did in 2016. You projected that all on your own.

    So, no, I’m not betting on something I haven’t said and don’t believe will happen.

    Anyway. Your argument that people of color voting for him means he isn’t racist is still v bad. (Post hoc ergo propter hoc means after therefore because of and is a logical fallacy). People of color have been voting for racist SOBs from both parties for a while now.
  12. Squirmed? Go back to Joe’s non-answer of the Uber-liberal plan to pack the court..,that’s some squirming that takes decades of experience.

    But more to the...well listen, look, 1000 people, 20 mil, 200 thousand died because we don’t, here’s the deal....
  13. Yes. That was a softball and he squirmed.
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  14. Whew boy. I might have the energy tomorrow to go search for the actual quotes, but I'm pretty certain you said his minority percentage would be down in general, not "more than you think."

    Either way, it seems a bit chicken ship that you're not confident enough to put some money where your mouth is, since you're so confident he's going to run away with it. I mean, you'd think that minority vote might be the deal-breaker. I'm not super confident that Trump will get re-elected, but I've got enough confidence to put some money on the part we've discussed previously, though. Kind of funny you don't...
  15. You’re putting words in my mouth. That’s the only chicken [ #2020 ] thing going on here.
  16. Bottom line is they need to let Jorgensen (sp?) and frankly Kanye and anyone else on the ballot into the next two debates. This was a [ #2020 ] show.

    The sad part is in the most watched, first debate, I gathered the plans for the next four years as follows: Trump: replace/improve the PPACA with ???. Biden: reimplement stuff from the PPACA with maybe some unnamed new options, & have cops and civil rights activists come to the White House to solve police racism. Thats all I got. Surely our country should demand better.
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    after watching the debate tonight i have come up with a plan for the next one

    any time trump interrupts anyone i will take a shot

    any time biden starts reciting one of his memorized bullet points regardless if it is close to the question he was asked or not i will take a shot

    any time they start squabbling like 10 year olds i will take a shot

    the plan is that in a fairly short time i will pass out and if i don't die of alcohol poisoning i will at least be in a coma for the next four years until we get to start this fun all over, but trump will be gone regardless and biden will be staring out a window somewhere at a pond with ducks

    how in the world have we ended up with these two yahoos and both parties need to be damn embarrassed with who is representing them
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  18. Ok. Let's do it this way: Will Trump get more minority votes than he did in 2016? You seem to think Biden has it locked up, and I don't know which groups you think he'd lose votes from, but I'm all ears. Is he going to lose some of the minority vote? And if so, at least try to define "more than you think," if you're going to go with "I now think he'll get more of the minority vote, despite him probably being racist."

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