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Election 2020

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Well, that's it then. Clearly a racist President out in the open who is a supporter of White Supremicy! We got him!
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  2. Maybe next debate should be moderated by Jerry Springer.
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  3. He sure as hell didn’t put a stop to any speculation. That was a softball question and he wasn’t able to give a definitive answer.
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  4. his message of stand back and standby will probably be blown up by the media - but it’s not a great message from the president to a white supremacist group.

    lets say biden told BLM to stand back and standby. You’d be perfectly fine with it?
  5. Watching a few clips. I remember when “binders full of women” and “proceed governor” were spicy lines. Trump’s “leadership” has just entirely dragged discourse into the sewer.

    General consensus seems to be it was a miserable 90 minutes and Trump was a petulant child. So exactly what anyone should’ve expected. As with everything else, I suspect no minds were changed and we’re still in a “lean Biden” environment.

    I’m on to season 4 of Schitt’s Creek. Wish I was as divorced from the reality around me as Moira Rose. [ hundin] is a loon but is so oblivious it works.
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  6. Of course not. They like him. He has always been extremely reluctant to denounce people that like him. He will always hem and haw.
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  7. Biden screwed up an easy question by deflecting when asked if he wouldn’t pack the court, but that was a minor error compared to Trump’s. That was a total softball.
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. That was... I don't know what it was.
  10. I still can't figure out blacks, whites and hispanics driving to soccer practice in the same car.
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  11. It was an embarrassing [ #2020 ]show.
  12. Told y'all everyone would be shocked how much of the Hispanic vote Trump will get.

  13. I mean, if you seriously think Trump is a racist, after all he has done in his life in business with African Americans (can I call them that?), what he's done for HBCU's, countering Biden's "systemically racist" crime bill, etc... you really need to re-evaluate your life. Your political derangement has overcome you. Biden is on-record with waaaaay more "racist" incidents, so y'all just need to hang that one up. Trump says enough dumb ship to jump on, but the racist deal is flat-out stupid.
  14. Not to mention Trump was not one of Robert Byrd's best buddies. But, of course, that goes by a different standard.
  15. I think the criticism is that he didn’t handle that question in the debate well more than anything.
  16. Didn’t say he was racist. I said he failed to denounce white supremacy.
  17. I thought I had a hard time understanding tonight’s debate, then I started watching the new season of Top Gear on BBCA

  18. He did, though. He said "sure" twice when asked if he'd denounce them, as he's done multiple time previously. He then just went on one of his rants like he always does.

    Again, if you're really still hanging on this "he supports white supremacy" angle, you're a crazy/stupid person.
  19. The fact you’re still having to argue this after all these years kinda undermines your perspective.

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