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Election 2020

Discussion in 'The Pit' started by Bob Sugar, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Maybe Trump is full of BS. Who ultimately knows? What evangelicals do know is that the DNC platform is completely void of God and has replaced it with the god of secular humanism. Bring the Trinity back into the platform and you'll see a huge shift. Until then they'll err on the side of Republicans.
  2. To the extent Todd defines when an election is underway, yea.
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  3. My grandfather did the same thing. If you've got kids in the house I think it almost defaults to default to "Mom / Mama / Mother" for some folks. No biggie.
  4. I think spreading that platform is what drives the most vocal, most influential faction of the Democrat party. They've kind of been taken over by atheists.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Fixed.
  7. Ok I’m willing to buy that, but can you direct me to where the FEC defines “election underway”?
  8. What Evangelicals have been lead to believe is that the DNC is devoid of God, but it's not true.

    Most Democrats are religious. Most Catholics are Democrats. The difference is that Democrats believe in a separation of church and state, while many Republicans seem to want the enact Christian law.
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  9. I mean unless the FEC really defines it, I think you may be referring to voting, which is the final part of an election. To me an election is a process that includes primaries, party conventions, campaigns, and finally voting.
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  10. I don't want religious people.
  11. Tell me more about this Christian law you speak of.
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  12. So you are saying that Democrats are not people who walk in accordance with their faith? Interesting. Tell me more.
  13. if most democrats are religious than why do they look to man for help?

    additionally, if you truly live by faith you don't live in separate states of the world and faith. had the discussion with my neighbors who are a jew from india and a muslim for pakistan. interesting that all three of us truly believe you can't truly live your faith and live in separate worlds
  14. The democratic nominee for President, democratic Speaker of the House, and DNC party chair are all practicing Catholics.

    Your claim is completely void of truth and you know it.
  15. No, it’s really not.
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  16. Rudy Cos was a practicing Catholic.
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  18. did i say trump was a religous man or is this another end run by you
  19. I think the whole discussion about which party is/isn’t or is more/less religious is very stupid. Because they’re both political parties, not religious groups. And anyone who gets their religion/faith from their politics is not religious/faithful at all.

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